Dark Transposition (3.5e Invocation)

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Dark Transposition
Greater; 6th; Eldritch Essence

This eldritch essence transforms your eldritch blast into an transpositioning blast, and may only be applied to blasts taking a circle, cone, or line shape. When you cast this invocation, you have the option of becoming part of the blast and teleporting instantly to any unoccupied space within the blast's area.

Your entire body need not fit within the blast's area, as long as your new space shares at least 1 square with the blast's area.

You bring along any gear worn or carried (up to your maximum load).

You can't bring along other creatures, except for your familiar.

You must make this decision when casting the invocation, before any other effects of the eldritch blast are resolved (such as saves, spell resistance, and so forth).

You aren't damaged by the invocation's effect when you appear within its area.

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