Dark Star (3.5e Equipment)

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Dark Star
Exotic Two-Handed
Critical: 20(x2)
Range Increment: 40 ft
Type: Piercing
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * *
Diminutive * *
Tiny * *
Small Unknown 2d3 8 lb
Medium Unknown 2d6 15 lb
Large -
Huge * *
Gargantuan * *
Colossal * *
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.
The general looked up into the sky and that's when he saw it heading towards his army at immeasurable speed. 'What is that?' a soldier exclaimed. 'It looks like a small moon!' another cried. The general lowered his sword and gasped, 'That's no moon.' Those were his last words as the gigantic ninja star impaled him in the chest.

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