Dark Iron Dwarf (4e Feat)

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By Efrem Palacios [1]

Dark Iron Dwarf

You gain Dark vision and a +2 bonus to visual perception rolls made in the dark.
Prerequisite: Dwarf (4e Race)
Benefit: Due to your ancestral heritage to the subterranean Duergar, you have exceptionally keen senses when in the Dark. As many Dwarves have adapted to live in caves and dungeons, deep in the mountains, their ability to see in the dark has expanded greatly. Many Dark iron dwarves have bright glowing red eyes, and cracked black skin from working in the caves and around hot iron for such a long time. You gain Dark Vision and a +2 bonus to visual perception rolls made in low-light or dark conditions. You also gain a resistance to cold damage and effects equal to 1/2 your level. This feat is considered a precursor to other Dark Iron Dwarf Feats, such as Duergar Weapon Proficiency (4e Feat), Duergar Weapon Training (4e Feat), Dark Iron Hide (4e Feat), and Dark Iron Warrior (4e Feat). Duergar weapon proficiency gives bonuses and proficiency with picks and axes, Duergar Weapon Training allows you to target the fortitude defense instead of AC with weapon attacks made with a pick, while Dark Iron Hide gives a bonus to defenses, and Dark iron Warrior gives access to special at-will and encounter powers.

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