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Heart of Fire[edit]

Gark returns to Whitestair to collect his Adamantine Maul, crafted by the Greybeard Mountain Dwarf Sigursson high in the mountains above the town. After an arduous journey, Gark is told something of the nature of dragons and discovers that whilst his armour permits him to sense them, it also permits them to sense him.

On their way, the party come across a ruined farmstead in the county of Heartswood, still smoking. It is clear that a goblin war party has passed through leaving no survivors. These are light foot goblins with a couple of dire badgers answering Hairlips summons to war.

Gark also discovers that his maul is not yet ready, it has been cooling in the ice forge for three weeks but it will take another three before it is ready. He is told that if he does not wait then the hammer will not cool down for many years. If they wish to see the hammer and help then they can head up to the ice forge and retrieve it. Whilst they are there they might also trim the beard.

The ice forge is a lake in a high valley behind a dam running across. The ice tends to spill over the dam walls in an ever expanding sheet that Sigursson refers to as the beard, it needs to be regularly split off to cascade down into a chute that delivers ice blocks to the forge itself.

At the ice forge the party are surprised out on the ice by a pack of winter wolves and a couple of ice trolls. Whilst in noisy combat Gark senses a white dragon high in the air and attracted to the sounds or sight of combat. The dragon unleashes a small Avalanche trapping the party and then proceeds to attack using flyby attacks to keep at range. If badly injured the dragon will fly off to kissing peak where it has its lair.

Yeti: AC: 12, HP: 51, Claw: +6 (1d4+4), Chilling gaze: DC 13 Con or 3d6 and paralysed, Multiattack: Chilling gaze and two claw attacks

Winter Wolf: AC: 13, HP: 75, Bite: +6 (2d6+4 DC 12 Dex knocked prone), Cold breath: DC 12 Dex 4d8

Young White Dragon: AC: 133, HP: 17, Bite: +7 (2d10+4), Claw: +7 (2d6+4), Multiattack: One bite two claw attacks, Breath: 10d8 (DC 15 Con for half) (Recharge 5-6).

If the party get to the lair and defeat the dragon they might recover a wealth increment, a magical shield, goggles of infravision, a dwarven shortsword and a shattered dwarven glaive.

If Gark chooses to take the maul now, Sigursson will name it Cor Ignes and give it an adamantine haft that will make it manageable, but the head will remain scalding to touch granting +1 fire damage. Sigursson cannot repair the glaive but he can recommend a dwarf in the Great Range that could do it.

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