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Stonehand and Makepeace[edit]

Following Justice Makepeace’s interference at the Maiden’s Day fair at Circus, Molly wants to strike back and let him know that he is not invulnerable. In order to do that however she would have to make a move in the Dean’s Bridge district where he has his townhouse. Dean’s Bridge is run by Stonehand Halvarsson and to act in his district she must have his blessing and to have his blessing he has demanded a service.

Castle Whitestair[edit]

The Halvarsson family have a claim on a fortress built in the old country, and more significantly what lies beneath it. The Darklode is a rich vein of Adamantine that was discovered whilst their clan built the original fortress over eighty years ago. Over the years they watched this remote outpost struggle and declined to come to the aid when it was besieged by the orcish Blackfoot tribe.

Whitestair Castle was built by the Halvarsson family for Baron Heartwood. Commissioned as his new family seat the castle stands at the very edge of his province above the village of Whitestair. The town of Whitestair was always a border town at the meeting of Heartwood and the Bleakmoor Highlands - an uneasy truce with the highland orcs had existed for decades but the castle, along with Heartwood’s uncompromising governance provoked the orc tribes to war.

After a bloody struggle the fortress and the fortunes of the Heartwood family fell leaving a ruin overlooking the town of Whitestair. Now occupied by conquering orcs of the Blackfoot tribe, the dwarves found themselves unable to retake the fortress for themselves. The secret ways that they had built into the fortifications had been discovered and in fact used by the orcs themselves to break the siege - they had sealed them up now and so the dwarves found themselves denied by their own defences.

More years have passed and the dwarves have watched jealously but now a change has come, the orcs no longer raid and the dwarves sense weakness. A small group of well armed adventurers needs to be sent to seek entry to the castle and see if they can find passage into the dungeons beneath the castle and finally unlock the Darklode.

The castle walls were built by the dwarves as were the outer skin of The Gryphon Tower, however against their advice Heartwood finished the buildings in timber and added a wooden hall within the walls. When the castle fell, the Castlelan fired the buildings rather than let them fall to the enemy. Now all that remains are the original Dwarven workings, though the orcs have built a roof and fortified the Gryphon Tower and pitched tents within the walls.


Whitestair was always a walled town before the castle was built and the citizens saw no reason to amend this with the dubious protection of the new construction. Just as well because the new neighbours were not so friendly and the town has been under a half hearted siege for the last six years.

Sitting on the cascades of the Whitestair river (or it’s frozen wintertime mantle) it is well placed to catch the gold washed out of the highlands and settling in broad sandy based pools that have been carved from the mountain stone. This industry is supplemented by trading for orcish wool, hides and furs traditionally traded discretely with the more peaceable upland tribes.

The Halvarssons[edit]

Jon Halvarsson is the head of the family in Whitestair and has a place on the council - the town does not really have a tradition of Right Folk, but if it did then he would run them as well. nevertheless, Jon understands the workings of Right Folk obligation and intends to make the party work, however he also realises that this is an excellent opportunity that should not be squandered. Consequently he can put together a group of twenty dwarven warriors and a levy of another fifty townsfolk that at least know the sharp end of a stick. He will not squander this fighting force and impresses on the party that this represents a significant fraction of the town’s garrison and if it were lost then the town would be largely defenceless.

To help the venture, Halvarsson has also got hold of the original designs for the castle and these should prove invaluable to the venture. As a final sweetener Halvarsson says that whilst he knows that the party is under obligation to do this work, he is prepared to allow them a share of the loot that can be recovered, worth 40% of the cash value of movable commodities.


On the Moors[edit]

Heading to Whitestair the party find themselves having to camp outside a burned out wayside inn - it is desolate and very cold. In the night they are caught up by a silent assassin, sent by Princess Everine to kill Tinian.

Invisible Stalker: AC: 104, HP: 14, Slam: +6 (2d6+3), Multiattack: makes two slam attacks, Invisible.

The Blackfoot Host[edit]

At some point there is a battle with the remnants of the Blackfoot War Host. Sealed in the foot of the Gryphon tower, their numbers have been depleted in skirmishes with Rannik’s Ghouls and through desertions and disease. They cannot be overcome by the party alone, but with the Dwarves they can be fought to submission.

Chief Greyjaw: AC: 93, HP: 16, Great Axe: +6 (1d12 + 4 + 1d8), Aggressive: Bonus move to a hostile creature, Multiattack: Makes two attacks.

Blackeye: AC: 45, HP: 16, Spear: +5 (2d8 + 3), Spellcasting: Bless, Command, Augury, Spiritual Weapon (DC 11, +3 to hit), Aggressive: Bonus move to a hostile creature.

Blackfoot Orc: AC: 15, HP: 13, Great Axe: +5 (1d12 + 3), Aggressive: Bonus move to a hostile creature

The Chief will have at least 12 orcs and Blackeye with him when the party confront them - but there are maybe thirty more orcs all together - the Chief must be defeated before Blackeye will negotiate a surrender.

Rannik’s Court[edit]

King Rannik is a Ghast that leads the Ghoul nation from his court in the dungeons of Whitestair. He is vicious and unpredictable and has been hunting and consuming the orcs since their arrival. There are several captured orcs trapped down in the cells that he has been marinating in noxious fluids to improve their flavour. In the kennels, the Ghouls have a pair of displacer beasts that they have been tormenting and goading to do their bidding.

King Rannik: AC: 36, HP: 13, Claws +5 (2d6+3) Save DC 10 Con or paralysed, Bite: +3 (2d8+3), Stench: creature within 5’ must save DC 10 Con or be poisoned.

Ghoul: AC: 22, HP: 12, Bite: +2 (2d6+2), Claw: +4 (2d4+2) Save DC 10 Con or paralysed

Displacer Beast: AC: 85, HP: 13, Tentacle: +6 (1d6+4), Multiattach: Makes two tentacle attacks, Avoidance: saves to take half avoid all damage, Displacement: Attacks against it are at disadvantage until hit.

The players are likely to initially meet a small pack of ghouls as they enter the dungeon - six at most, they will fight but may flee if it is going badly.

If the ghouls escape then they will return with reinforcements - a dozen of them with the displacer beasts. The beasts have clearly been mistreated and they are harnessed and driven with whips - it is possible that if the ghouls are defeated but the beasts are freed then they will immediately disappear hunting down their captors.

If all of the initial group of ghouls are slain then smaller hunting parties will be sent out to find them so there may be an encounter with a group of four ghouls. If a second group is defeated then the larger group with displacer beasts will be sent.

There are 28 Ghouls in total and the remainder will be in the throneroom with their king. If the party have been victorious until this confrontation then there will be pandemonium, the remaining ghouls will be at each others throats and there will be no co-ordinated attack, the party will face Rannik with only six of the remaining ghouls.

If the party is defeated by the ghouls then they will not be immediately consumed but dragged paralysed before the king. Stripped and bound they will be prepared for a feast, but in the interim they will be thrown into a holding cell with the remaining orcs. This gives one last opportunity for a breakout along with the surviving orcs and a lone female dwarf named Holli, captured from the village.

King Rannik wears a bone ring inscribed on the outside with flames and the words Cold is the Grave on the inside is the name Letum Glacio and it has several properties - it is a Ring of Warmth, it grants the ability to speak Abyssal and it is in fact Fiendish and if held to the ear muttering fiendish voices can be heard, sometimes giving the listener some insights into the secret thoughts of others.

Also in his motley treasure horde are a dwarven crafted +1 returning Throwing Hammer, a pair of Boots of Speed and two potions of Greater Healing a potion of growth and a potion of climbing.

The Dragon’s Lair[edit]

Beneath the frozen well, below what Jon Halvarsson thought was the frozen surface of the flooded dungeon is the lair of a white dragon. It entered the dungeon many years ago but has slept until now. Whilst the players have been moving about the dungeon, the dwarves above have been attempting to use an ice saw to cut their way in. The icy plug has fallen through the roof and landed on the drowsing dragon. It has been up and chased the dwarves away, slaying many and it may now either be gone or returned.

The room is filled with icicles dropping down from the ceiling, the floor and walls are glassy with ice and in the centre of the room is a snowy nest in which the dragon was resting (and a thick circular plug of ice that the dwarves have dropped on it). The floor in the room is treacherous.

If the party have emerged before pressing on then they may have discovered that there is a dragon and will have be urged by the dwarves to slay it. In this position they might want to renegotiate their share of the final treasure. If they do not and are prepared to stand by their commitment then if victorious the dwarves will craft them a fine suit of white dragon scale mail.

Young White Dragon: AC: 133, HP: 17, Bite: +7 (2d10+4), Claw: +7 (2d6+4), Multiattack: One bite two claw attacks, Breath: 10d8 (DC 15 Con for half) (Recharge 5-6).

The dragon has a horde carried in two iron caskets that appear made for it to carry. They contain coins of an ancient and foreign mint, uncut jewels a mithral chain shirt and a +1 elven longsword named Sacrum Telluris, it must be attuned but it is harmonious to elfkind and when attuned it can be commanded to give of a soft light.


The ghouls have constructed several traps that are designed to capture creatures that wander into the dungeons. They are mostly locking pits and one way doors that are not well hidden though their nature may be obscured. Breaking them will require a DC 20 strength check or a DC 15 thieves tools check. Though they can be easily unlocked and opened from the outside.

At least one of them may already have an incumbent trapped creature that will be pretty angry, though it will look like an old leather travelling trunk.

Mimic: AC: 58, HP: 12, Pseudopod: +5 (1d8+3) adhesive, Bite: +5 (1d8+3 + 1d8 acid), Adhesive: DC 13 Strength at disadvantage to escape.

In Greyjaw's Company[edit]

Having sought parlay with the Orc chieftain it is clear that he interprets this as a surrender, however as it has not cost him too many of his few remaining warriors he is minded to be generous. In fact the fast thinking chief has seen a way out of a difficult situation - his orcs had been split, some seeking to leave the castle and some unprepared to admit defeat. Now with the Eye of Grumsh dead he is able to rally them all to his cause.

"We leave but without a shaman the elf witch must serve in his place, we will take the other mercenary as well and hostages - Halvarson's firstborn". The firstborn turns out to be Nadine Halvarson and whilst Greyjaw's insists that she must come, he permits her a bodyguard to defend her honour.

The term of service should only be a few weeks, sufficient to take the tribe and meet up with the other half and then establish themselves back into the fold on the moors. This will inevitably been taking land from another tribe, The Strong Arm Clan.

The Strong Arm Clan[edit]

Led by a Hill Giant named Carl Urthson the Strong Arms are a Gnoll clan that has come under the sway of the cunning Giant. They have moved into Blackfoot lands and have built a Mott and Bailey style hill fort surrounded by long houses that look out onto the bleak Highmoor.

Greyjaw's has some experience in siege craft and proposes to take a few weeks to build some engines before taking the fort. Unless the players have a better suggestion. The land about the fort is open and the experienced Gnoll archers will be able to take shots at anyone approaching in plain sight. If the orcs are not close enough to interfere the. There will be a few outliers that will return with flocks of sheep into the fort if they think it is safe.

There are one hundred and sixty of the Gnolls though they will be defeated if they take significant losses or if they loose their leader and take smaller losses. Urthson has not acquired Great War loot but if the battle is won and there is an outstanding display of bravery then Greyjaw might gift the party three or cosh potions of extra healing.

Carl Urthson: AC: 76, HP: 11, Great Club: +6 (2d8+5), Rock: (2d10+5), Multiattack

Gnoll: AC: 13, HP: 15, Great Axe +4 (1d8+2), Long Bow +4 (1d8+2), Blood Frenzy

Gnoll Packlord: AC: 27, HP: 16, Great Axe +5 (1d12+3), Long Bow +5 (1d8+3), Multattack: makes two attacks, Blood Frenzy, Incite Blood Frenzy: grant +4 on Blood Frenzy attack

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