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The Patron[edit]

Tvaris of the Seven Stars enters the crab quietly and with a murmur everyone in the bar falls asleep. The party are woken by his hideously scarred servant, Mane and a conversation follows. The Keyhole has long been the gateway to Wunderland, time was when the secret gate was held safe and secure by the Right Folk of the district, sadly there are no longer any gatekeepers. Tvaris is prepared to sponsor the Mollies to the tune of twenty thousand sovereigns a year to keep the Sighing Gate open and secure with payment beginning as soon as the Dormouse makes it's next delivery. If the offer is not sufficient then it will be made to their enemies instead. In Elverton

The citizens are of Elverton have limited the amount of food delivered to the Faerie Court as they have the opportunity to get a better price from the Mollys. As a consequence the Faeries have been encroaching on the city boundary and pressing for a better deal with the implied threat of repercussions. Against this background, the Ice Queen has engineered a situation where the Sighing Gate is out of action suddenly there is a siege.

The Faeries cannot last long without a food source and the Ice Queen has recognised this having stockpiled for just such an occasion - she is now waiting for the situation to mature with both parties sufficiently weakened where she will step in and exert some authority.

The party make their way through a deserted engineering works in the sighing gate where they might surprise some lizardmen scouts.

Lizardman: AC: 13, HP: 11, Club: +4 (1d6+2), Dart: +3 (1d2) Poisoned: if struck with a dart the target is reduced to half movement (Con 13)

They are watching the situation below which shows barricades in the streets and numerous fires burning in the town below. When they get there they will be found by Zorax who tells them what has happened. He also points out that most of the spies from the Ice Queen have disappeared as well as a significant fraction of the garrison. The Faeries have established a footing on the town side of The Burrows and seem to be limiting themselves to probing attacks where they are dragging of hostages and anything edible (including corpses).

About eight hundred frightened citizens are barricaded in the heart of the town, with about forty soldiers to defend the walls and another hundred armed citizens to back them up. There are stories that the faeries have charmed some of their hostages who now fight for them as well.

An early encounter with the Fairie should serve to reinforce how deadly they are with a Faerie Troll taking what it pleases from the scene involving the players and a dozen terrified citizens. The troll is linked to the other Faerie by a swarm of rats that travel all about its feet and in a trail behind if they can find a way to destroy a dozen of them in a single turn then the line back to the other Faeries is broken and the troll is reduced to a placid drooling imbecile.

Faerie Troll: AC: 11, HP: 66, Bite: +6 (1d8+4), Claw: +6 (1d6+4) Multi-attack: One bite and two claw attacks, Regenerate: 5 hp at start of turn unless it took fire or acid damage.

Faerie rat: AC: 11, HP: 1, {{{4}}}

If the party can get into The Belfry and out over The Wilds they will see the glowing eyes of the Faerie court reaching in a tenuous line all the way to the town. If they can interrupt that line then all of those on the far side of the interruption from the Aboleth will be freed from its control and depending on how deep into its territory it is done, it will be significantly weakened.

Breaking the line will require some ingenuity as the fight will be reinforced randomly from the creatures below as it continues. A complete defeat will succeed but so will some other kind of obscuring spell or circumstance.

Faerie alligator: AC: 12, HP: 26, Bite: +4 (2d6+2), Iron Grip: any bitten opponent is grappled (Str: 13), Drown: if in water any grappled character takes 1d6 drowning damage at the start of their action

Faerie human: AC: 11, HP: 11, Club: +2 (1d6+1), Unfeeling: after taking any blunt weapon damage +2 HP

Faerie goblin archer: AC: 14, HP: 11, Shortbow: +4 (1d6+2)

Faerie goblin shaman: AC: 14, HP: 11, Club: +2 (1d6), Little Curse: on a hit the target's next action is at disadvantage

Faerie dog: AC: 11, HP: 11, Bite: +2 (1d6+1), Trip: on a bite opponent must save (Dex 12) or fall over.

Faerie rat swarm: AC: 9, HP: 11, Bite: +2 (1), Swarm: whilst engaging the swarm, attacks against enemy have advantage

Faerie frog: AC: 11, HP: 1, Guide: one ally can have advantage for an attack.

If the aboleth can get within sight of the party then it will attempt to dominate them (Wis DC 13) to avoid domination.

If the party can sever lines of communication then the battle will be over if not then the battle will continue until it is won by the Faeries, and thereafter the Ice Queen will step in, pushing the victor back from the city and sealing The Burrows with magic.

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