Curse Collector (3.5e Flaw)

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Curse Collector[edit]

You just think they're neat.
Effect: When make any movement within 25 ft or a cursed object it has a chance to activate against you from a distance, even if normal conditions for its activation are not met (i.e. visual contact, race, gender, proximity). Any movement through a square of space, including the non-action 5 ft. step has a minimum 10% chance to activate the cursed object. For every continuous 5 ft. of movement within that 25 ft. range adds 10% to its activation chance. Moving a continual 50 ft. within that perimeter will automatically activate the curse against you.

Touching a cursed object activates its curse against you immediately, even if the normal prerequisites for activation are not met.

If for whatever reason the effects of a curse can not be applied to you (sex swapping a genderless creature/redundant blindness), then the object housing that curse will not activate. Do not roll the %die.
Roleplaying Ideas: The gods hate you; wizards hate you; even that little doll hates you.

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