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Crypt of the Deep Speaker[edit]

The Deep Speaker was an ancient beholder that claimed to have the ability to see into the future, and subjugated a nation with its supposed ability. When it was slain by a group of mighty warriors, it was buried in a crypt alongside all of its victims, an ironic nod to the extreme xenophobia of its kind. Recently, however, things around the crypt seem a bit awry, with rumours that some dark power has taken residence. Knowledge of the tomb's existence is common, its whereabouts, on the other hand, are debated by scholars the world over. This adventure is made for characters of 5th level.


1. Entrance (Combat)

The Deep Speaker's crypt is built almost entirely underground, with only one major entrance, an artificial hill with a huge stone slab marked with an image of the beholder behind a secret door made to look like a natural part of the hill. Four standing stones stand at each corner of the hill, with a single rune in Dwarven at the base of each. A Wisdom (Perception) roll with a DC of 15 is required to spot the runes. When a rune is pressed, the top of the stone glows for a moment, and loud sounds can be heard from inside the hill. When all four are pressed, the door reveals itself and opens. The entrance is a short tunnel leading to a round room with two skeletons wandering aimlessly, when they see the characters, they attack. Among them, they carry 1d4 × 5 copper pieces. Leads to Area 2.

2. Corridor 1 (Empty)

A number of torches line the corridor, with stone slabs on each side with only a name on each. Leads to Area 3.

3. Crypt 1 (Treasure)

There are a number of empty coffins in this room, that seem to have been opened from the inside. Scattered around the room are 1d4 gems worth 10 gp. Leads to Area 4.

4. Corridor 2 (Combat)

This corridor is very similar to Area 2, but 1d4 skeletons attack the players. Leads to Area 5.

5. Crypt 2 (Empty)

This crypt is very much like the first, with open coffins, but this room is empty, save for a few doors (lead to Areas 6, 8 and 9), a secret door (leads to Area 10) and a locked door (DC 14, leads to Area 7). Leads to Areas 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

6. Armoury (Combat, Treasure)

A ghast and two ghouls hide in the room, attacking the first character they can see, but moving on to greater threats if they appear. The room also contains a sack of 5d12 copper pieces, 4d6 silver pieces and 1d4 gold pieces.

7. Offering Room (Treasure)

In the middle of the room is a box containing 1d20 copper pieces, 1d10 silver pieces, and 1d8 gold pieces. It can only be opened with a DC 10 Strength check.

8. Shrine (Empty)

A shrine depicting the heroes of old slaying the beholder.

9. Statue Room (Combat)

This room is full of statues of warriors. When the players enter the room, a portcullis closes the door and 1d4 - 1 of the statues comes to life (use the statistics for animated armour), attacking the characters. When the statue is defeated, the portcullis and a secret door opens. The secret door leads to Area 11.

10. Secret Passage (Empty)

A secret passage that leads to Areas 1, 3 and 5.

11. Corridor 3 (Empty)

The corridor is much like the first two, but some of the walls have been broken, revealing empty coffins. Leads to Area 12.

12. Crypt 3 (Combat, Treasure)

When the players enter this crypt, a number of coffins open, and 1d4 + 1 zombies attack the characters. A sack inside one of the coffins contains 1d10 gold pieces, and inside another is a flawed gem worth 15 gp. Leads to Area 13.

13. Corridor 4 (Combat)

Some of the walls break when the players enter, and two skeletons and a ghoul attack them. Leads to Area 14.

14. Crypt 4 (Combat)

A wight attacks the players when they enter. Leads to Areas 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

15. Mason's Quarters (Treasure)

Assorted tools cover the floor of this room, containing four bunk beds and four workbenches. A chest is hidden under one of the beds, and it contains 1d20 silver pieces and 1d8 gold pieces.

16. Heroes' Memorial (Combat)

A memorial to the heroes that killed the beholder. 1d4 skeletons and 1d4 zombies attack the characters when they enter. Among them, they carry 5d6 copper pieces and 1d4 gold pieces.

17. Underground River (Combat)

Three kuo-toa emerge from an underground river that flows through the tomb, and appears to go straight to sea, judging from the smell of saltwater in the air. They do not attack at first, fleeing to Areas 18 and 19 to alert the other kuo-toa.

18. Guardians' Chambers (Combat, Treasure)

A kuo-toa has found its way into the crypt from the underground river, and attacks the characters when they enter. The room contains a number of weapons, but most are either purely ceremonial or have rusted to the point of uselessness. Among the weapons, however, lie a +1 longsword and a +1 rapier.

19. Beholder's Corridor (Combat)

A kuo-toa whip and 3 kuo-toa stand in this corridor with several frescoes on the walls depicting warriors slaying beholders, conversing in Undercommon. They attack any non-kuo-toa on sight. Leads to Area 20.

20. Beholder's Crypt (Combat, Key)

The walls of this large room are covered in similar artworks as the corridor that leads to it. At the centre of the room is a large, ornately detailed pyramid with an epitaph that reads as follows: Here lies the Deep Speaker, beholder terror of these lands, slain by the mightiest heroes of our time. Seconds after entering the room, the pyramid shudders and a beholder zombie emerges from a hole in the back, attacking the characters. Contained within the pyramid is a CR 6 treasure hoard and an opening in the wall, in the place of a beholder's eye, leads to the surface.

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