Crusader of the Desert (3.5e Feat)

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Nomad Fortitude [Regional]

Your nomad life in the desert made you much stronger.
Prerequisite: Crusader or Paladin class, Desert Dweller
Benefit: You gain benefit depending on your class.

Crusader: You gain the following Benefit

  • You gain access to Desert Wind Discipline
  • You gain a +4 to Attack and Damage Roll against Desert Creature.
  • You become immune to Desert Weather effect (such as sandstorm)
  • You gain resistance to fire equalling your Crusader level.

Paladin: You gain the following Benefit

  • You may add your Constitution instead of your Charisma on all your saves.
  • Your Lay on the Hand grant the benefit of Endure Elements spell (caster level equal top your Paladin Level)
  • Your Special Mount is granted Desert Dweller Feat
  • You may add the following spells to your spell list: 1st- (Endure Element, Create Water) 2nd- (Flame Blade, Searing Light) 3rd- (Freedom of Movement) 4th- (Control Weather (Sandstorm only)

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