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The Crown of Tzakarath was forged by the god of the same name, at the same time as his Book and Ring, and he sent it down to the world to spread chaos and strife. Since it's creation, it has found its way to kings and warriors, giving them great power but with a terrible price. Anybody who falls to the Crown's power becomes Lawful Evil, a terrible and merciless tyrant. At first he will still believe that he has good intentions, but will eventually fall to the Crown's power.


A crown forged out of some black metal, with seven glowing diamonds on the front. Below them an inscription reads: "He who takes up this crown shall have dominion over the Earth."


The Crown of Tzakarath has several effects.

First, it halts the effects of time on the one who possesses it, giving him effective immortality. If it is ever lost or removed, the wielder suffers backlash similar to exiting a timeless plane.

Second, it increases the bearer's charisma by 25, giving him the ability to command an army.

Third, it draws the bearer's alignment increasingly towards Lawful Evil. For every week after he has won the crown, the bearer must succeed on a DC 25+1 for each week he has worn the crown Will save or become Lawful Neutral. Then, every week after, he must succeed on a DC 30+1 for each day he has worn the crown Will save or become Lawful Evil.

Finally, the Crown allows Tzakarath to grab the bearer's soul, so that when he dies, his soul is taken to the Inevitable City to become one of his Playthings.

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