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One wizard, one vampire, this princess of horror has declared a war against a continent. All its kingdoms, and all its churches made an alliance to defeat her. They managed to defeat her, but their loss was a third of all living in it. And she escaped... One of vampire goddess Shilah's special artifact that she has forged in the time between her life of humanity and her life of deity, this mystical crown disrupts the sleep of those who have reached their eternal slumber.


This crown is made from a black metal (thought to be originally adamantine), and is almost indestructible. It has 8 dark-purple gems embedded in it, spaced out equally. It has an aura of evil around it, and any living creature within 60 feet of it can immediately tell.

The owner of this crown can use animate dead once per day, at the caster level of the owner (use charisma modifier). While the owner has the crown upon his/her head, there is no limit to the number of skeletons and zombies that can be controlled. When the skeletons and the zombies created by the owner is destroyed or leaves an area of 2 mile radius from the owner, he/she takes damage equal to the challenge rating of the undead.

Furthermore, the owner of this crown can rebuke undead as if he/she was an evil cleric of the same level. The number of times the owner can use rebuke undead stacks for an evil cleric or others who can use rebuke undead.

Good creatures wearing this crown becomes nauseated. Also, if the owner is a cleric of a "Good" deity, the cleric looses all of the prepared spells and cannot regain them until he/she disposes of the crown.

Once the owner decides to dispose this crown, all undead creatures within 2 miles radius immediately notices and move in to kill the ex-owner. An undead with intelligence score may try to resist this call by the crown with a will save against DC30.

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