Crowbar, Large (3.5e Equipment)

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A large crowbar.

"Hey, I can't get this door open!"

"You know, we wouldn't be having this issue if we'd brought the crowbar..."

Description/Summary: A crowbar, or pry bar, is an object used for prying open chests, doors, and other large items that might be jammed shut. Crowbars are usually about three feet long and made from a common, strong metal such as iron or steel. Standard configuration is two ends, each with a flattened wedge tip (often with small fissures on each end for removing nails), one end being bent in a hook-like fashion to give the user more leverage.

Type: Two-Handed Improvised Melee Weapon

Damage(Medium Size): 1d6 Bludgeoning; x2 critical

Weight: 12 lbs

Cost: 2gp

Notes (In Game rules):

  • +4 Circumstance Bonus to Str checks to pry open objects such as doors, chests, etc. (At DM's discretion)
  • Ignores 1 point of Hardness
  • +2 to disarm/trip.

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