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Critical denied [General, Fighter]

your ability to see to realize critical blows and move out the way are out standing
Prerequisite: dex 20 wis 16
Benefit: You can contests a critical hit by rolling 1d20 vs what the your attckers d20 landed on for the attack (this means not including their modifiers) if you match their roll they are denied the critical damage but not the hit. If you exceed exceed their roll you denied the critical and the attack acts as a normal attack not a critical. If you roll a nat 20 you gain an attack of opportunity angist your attacker (suggesting that you have the ability to do so) but if you roll a 1 you provoke a free attack of opportunity and can not use this feat for a number of turns equal to their critical multiplier. This feat pulls from your attack of opportunity pool for use pur turn.

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