Critical Miss Table (Fallout Supplement)

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When a creature, an NPC, or a PC rolls within the natural critical miss range(1 is the default but may be changed by some traits or feats), they have rolled a Critical Miss! To find the results of a Critical Miss, roll 1d20 and add any modifiers.

21+ Death to self
20 Hits self for double damage
19 Hits nearest ally for double damage
17-18 Hits self for normal damage
15-16 Hits nearest ally for normal damage
13-14 Hits self for no damage and knocks self out for 1d4 rounds
11-12 Hits nearest ally for no damage and knocks nearest ally out for 1d4 rounds
9-10 Self drops weapon
7-8 Hits nearest ally for no damage and ally drops their weapon
5-6 Self is blinded for 1d4 rounds
1-4 Self loses next turn

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