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As with most realms, Olyptia has its own code of laws and the punishments for breaking those laws. They are posted on magical floating tablets in the commons of every town. The tablets cannot be tampered with by anyone and cannot be destroyed.

Actions Against Lawbreakers[edit]

Most crimes committed are petty at best and result in fines or jail time but others are more dasterdly and require much worse punishment. Criminals who run from their crimes get put on a bounty list and can be classified as Wanted Dead, Wanted Alive, and Wanted Dead or Alive.

Wanted Alive: For individuals of petty crimes or a criminal of several horrid crimes that is wanted for trial. The execution of such a person is deemed dishonorable and no reward will be given for the bounty.

Wanted Dead or Alive: For individuals whom the Paladin Order's Court sect deems too dangerous and will take either their presence in court or their head as an apt legal outcome.

Wanted Dead: For individuals whom the Paladin Order's Court sect has had quarrels with for ages and the individual must be stopped. The court will only take proof of his death as proper legal action.


Wanted Posters: These posters provide full legal authority to act against the condemned. The posters or writs state what authority a person may act on.

Criminal's Wife/Husband and Children[edit]

These individuals should not be harmed under any circumstances. If the wife of a murderer tries to protect her husband from being executed (Wanted Dead), the only action that can be taken on her is restrainment. The killing of Criminal Dependants is considered murder and participants will be punished as such.

Prisoners of War[edit]

These individuals should not be harmed. They are considered property of the Paladin Order and maiming them is considered assault on a Paladin, the punishment being flaying.

Minor crimes[edit]

Theft: The punishment for theft is a fine of 50gold for minor theft. Stealing from the Order is the amputation of the hands.

Conspiracy: The punishment for conspiracy of any type is 2 years in prison.

Blasphemy against the Order: The punishment for blasphemy against the Paladin Order is removal of the tongue in most cases. A few individuals have gotten away with 2 years in prison.

Witchcraft/Necromancy/Illegal use of magic: The punishment for these crimes is the most severe of normal law. The individual is treated as a conspirator and a blasphemer and as such has their hands, tongue, and eyes amputated.

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