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Cragmaw Elementalist Attack 5
You give your weapon a rest for this one. The ground rumbles like a hungry stomach and thick craggy slabs of stone erupt from your position that are swallowed back at your command
Daily Star.gif Primal, Conjuration, Implement
Standard Action burst 1
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Wisdom Vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8 + wisdom modifier damage and the targets are pushed 1 square.
Earth Preferrence: Until the end encounter, once per turn as a minor action you may conjure up a removed sqare of stone (see Special) on a new adjacent stone that slides a target 1 square and deals it damage equal to your constitution modifier and is also counted as dificult terrain.
Special: Until the end of the encounter, each square in the burst is treated as difficult terrain that you may remove at will square by square as a free action.

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