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Vermadad uses it's own Cosmology, as many ideas of Vermadad (namely the nature of Angels and Devils, and the idea that Good and Evil are not abosulute concepts) are incompatible with Planescape.

The Planes[edit]

The Material Plane[edit]

The Material Plane is the standard plane where most adventurers take place it contains the continent of Vermadad and follows the standard rules.

The Ethereal Plane[edit]

The Ethereal Plane is the Plane spirits land in if they escape one of the Afterlife, almost all spirits here are fugitive almost always from the Realm of Wanders, Pit of Emptiness or the Pit of Despairs. Mechanically it acts as the R

The Underworld[edit]

The Underworld is a unique plan were demons live. While rumors of it being literally underground are not true it is shaped very much like a cave in many regards. The Demon King is said to reside though they are no creditable reports of him being sighted.

The Elemental Planes[edit]

The Elemental Planes are describe as the Paint that the gods used to create the painting that is the Material. All things the material planes have come from a combination of these plains.

The Elemental Plane of Light[edit]

The Elemental Plane of Light is a bright plane almost looking like a Bright cave with shining stones throughout it.

The Plane of Darkness[edit]

The Plane of Air[edit]

The Plane of Sound[edit]

The Plane of Water[edit]

The Plane of Poison[edit]

The Plane of Heat[edit]

The Plane of Cold[edit]

The Plane of Earth[edit]

The Plane of Electricity[edit]

The Plane of Energy[edit]

The Plane of Spirit[edit]

Layer: Compassion[edit]
Layer: Passion[edit]
Layer: Intuition[edit]
Layer: Judgement[edit]

The Planes of Order and Chaos[edit]

The Plane of Order[edit]

The Plane of Chaos[edit]

The Plane of True Order[edit]

The Plane of True Chaos[edit]

The Afterlife Planes[edit]

The Afterlife Planes are unique is that the only way to visit them is to die (or to use truenaming, but if you ever attempt that the Devils and Angels guarding the afterlife planes are likely to attack you quickly calling their superiors, and unless you are extremely high in epic levels you do not want to mess with high ranking angels and devils), and anyone resurrected with magic immediately forgets there experience in the afterlife, as such no one knows for sure what exactly goes on in it, all they have to rely on are the gods words (which are generally consistent about what goes on in each one though not exactly in how to get into each one)

The Gate (Vermana's Plane)[edit]

The Gate is where those who die get judged for which afterlife they belong to, at point in time this was done all by Vermana herself but as the population of the world increased it simply became impossible for her to do it herself, so now when someone dies they are pleas there case case to an Angel (if they are likely to go a good or neutral afterlife) or a Devil (if they are likely to go to a bad afterlife). This acts like a one on one discussion, pleading your case, in truly ambiguous cases where the Angel or Devil is stuck between two afterlives or the exact sentencing, they may choose to call Vermana and have her make the final call.

Hero's Slumber[edit]

Hero's Slumber is the best afterlife. The general consensus about it is that you have your own pocket dimension in which you can warp reality to your own desire basically living your wildest fantasy. Those in the Hero's Slumber are also allowed to visit the Righteous's Rest and the Realm of Wanderers for visiting deceased friends or family members.

Righteous's Rest[edit]

Righteous's Rest is the second best afterlife. The general consensus about it is that is similar to the Real of Wanderers in that you are a spirit that gets to wanderer around and interact with the other spirits, but with the added benefit of being able to watch the mortal plane. You are also allowed visited the Realm of Wanderers for visiting deceased friends or family members.

Realm of Wanderers[edit]

Realm of Wanderers is the neutral afterlife. The general consensus about it is that it's just an empty plane filled with nothing but spirits wandering around conversing with each other. It often described as boring

Pit of Emptiness[edit]

Pit of Emptiness is the second worst afterlife. The general consensus about is that everyone in it has their own personal featureless room, where is literially nothing in it and no one to interact with.

Pit of Despair[edit]

Pit of Despair is the worst afterlife. The general consensus about it is that is that those in it receive nothing but constant varying torture.

The God's Domain[edit]

The God's Domain unlike most other Domains ARE meant for others to visit.

The Council Room (Dadlemom's Plane)[edit]

The Eternal Forest (Terelzo's Plane)[edit]

The Land of Gold (Codicallo's Plane)[edit]

The Grand Courtroom (Jestus's Plane)[edit]

The Ultimate Arena (Pendella's Plane)[edit]

The Rainbow Throne (Sabrindo's Plane)[edit]

The Four Towers (Verastol's Plane)[edit]

The Grand Library (Intellgra's Plane)[edit]

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