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Corrusium sand is made from raw Corrusium (3.5e Equipment) ore. It looks like tiny, slightly rusted pebbles of iron ore. Corrusium sand is useful for many small things, and is both easier to use and more common than dust of corrosion.

The following uses only work on Non-Magical Metals. 1/10 lb. to 5/10 lb. can be applied as a standard action, 6/10 lb. to 1 lb. can be applied as a move action. Amounts greater than 1 lb. can be used as a full-round action. Certain amounts can be used together or seperatly.

Amount of Corrusium Sand Cost Uses
Vial1 (1/10 lb.) 100 gp 1 Use
Flask1 (1 lb.) 300 gp 15 Uses
Sack1 (4 lb.) 1,200 gp 60 Uses
  1. These are all basic amounts in which they are sold, not specifically the containers they are sold in.
  • Destroy 1/2 lb. of metal-1 use.
  • Put a 1 ft. Radius hole in a 1in. thick metal-1 use.

Most notably Corrusium can not affect well refined non-magical metallic objects. All masterwork items, Locks of Average quality and greater; these are of too good of qualities for Corrusium Sand to affect.

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