Cording Strike (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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You make a nonlethal unarmed strike that deals Strength and Dexterity damage.

Cording Strike

You're nowhere near as indestructible as you think those powerful muscles make you.

Level: Soft 2
Type: Action (Attack)
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13, 2 Soft Flow maneuvers.
Description: You use a special nonlethal unarmed strike that partially cripples certain muscle groups in the opponent's body. A successful cording strike deals 1d6 Strength and Dexterity damage above the ordinary damage from the attack, +1 for every 3 initiator levels above 5th (to a maximum of +5 at IL 20th). The ability damage caused by this maneuver can be healed. A character hit by a cording strike regains 1 point of Strength and Dexterity for every 5 hit points normally healed.

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