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I meant it to protect her, to save her, to free her. In the end, peace was but a dream.
—Age of Myth; Seybris, Human Wizard

And so, Cora was born.


This small necklace seems harmless enough at first glance, however, it is one of the greatest artifacts to ever come into existence. It is a small necklace, big enough to fit around the neck of a child, however, if donned it reassembles itself to fit perfectly around the neck of the wearer. The main body is made of chain links consisting of a strange silvery material. This silvery material is not silver; though it looks similar it seems to almost shine with brilliance. The secret of its construction has been lost and none know what this material truly is, however, it is nigh on indestructible. Hanging from this chain is a small ruby inlaid into a pendant of the same material.


It was originally created by the great mage Seybris in a time before time when the world was first being forged in a land of chaos and myth during the first era. Seybris fashioned it to protect his new born daughter, Cora, from the dangers of the world, a world shrouded in magic and mystery, he developed it to set her free. With this amulet she would never be beholden to anybody, never be stopped my magic, never be tricked or killed by some underhanded trick. He designed it to stop magic. Seybris had built his life around magic, he was the greatest magician to ever set foot on the earth, and he knew what magic could do, so he wanted to give his daughter the best gift he could, the gift of freedom, a way out, a way to escape the world of magic. However just as he finished it, and before he could give it to her, his daughter was killed. Seybris was driven mad by grief, stricken of all senses he wandered off into nothingness, roaming the planes for millennia to come. He was left eternally weakened by the creation of such an artefact, and driven completely insane by the death of his daughter, and he was never seen again. It is believed by some that he still lives today.

Game Effects[edit]

This necklace cannot be affected by any type of magic, arcane or divine. It cannot be damaged by fireballs, it cannot be manipulated by telekinetic force, it cannot be located by locate object, and it cannot be scryed by any sort of spell. It cannot be affected by magic in any form. On top of that, the necklace emanates an anti-magic field in a 60ft radius around it that cannot be defeated or blocked by any form of spell such as dispel magic, this field also affects divine magic. At will, the wearer of Cora can cast greater dispel magic as a free action, simply by using a command thought. Only one such spell may be used per round. The spell is cast as if by a caster level of 20th. If worn by a magic user of any type (divine included) the wearer is instantly disintegrated as if by a destruction spell in a great shower of light, unless they make a successful DC 25 fortitude save. If the save succeeds the wearer instead takes 10d6 damage. Even if they succeed on the save and survive the damage, the effect will repeat 5 rounds later, and every five rounds thereafter unless it is removed.


To destroy Cora, it must be taken and cast into the wild magical reaches beyond the limits of mortal planes. It must be cast into the uncontained wilderness of nothingness where only the gods dare to dwell, far beyond the farthest reaches of the planes of existence. There it will be overwhelmed by the unrelenting magical power and vanish into the void.

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