Controversies and Conflicts (800 CE Supplement)

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Eight century: Hispanicus error

The second movement of adoptionism, called Hispanicus error, in the late 8th century maintained by Elipandus, bishop of Toledo in the Caliphate of Cordoba and by Felix, bishop of Urgell in the foothills of the Pyrenees; Alcuin, the leading intellect at the court of Charlemagne was called in to write refutations against both of the bishops. Against Felix he wrote:

"As the Nestorian impiety divided Christ into two persons because of the two natures, so your unlearned temerity divided Him into two sons, one natural and one adoptive"

Beatus of LiƩbana, from the Kingdom of Asturias, also fought Adoptionism, which was a cause of controversy between Christians under Muslim rule in the former Visigothic capital of Toledo and the peripherical kingdom. The doctrine was condemned as heresy by the Council of Frankfurt (794).

Moors vs Christians[edit]

Back to Main Page3.5e HomebrewCampaign Settings800 CE Setting {{In the eight-hundreds, the Moors, an Islamic Kingdom trying to expand the faith of Islam by force, invaded Spain. Spain was divided in two; the Vasconias and the Asturias. When the Muslims invaded, they easily overwhelmed the Spaniards. Controlling the majority of Spain, the Moors tried to take Western Europe. Then the Franks fought them and proved too powerful, pushing them back, though not entirely out of Spain}}

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