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Contraction [Duergar]

Prerequisite: Duergar, expansion racial power
Benefit: Once per encounter, you can use either the contraction or expansion power.
Normal: You can only use the expansion power.
Contraction Feat Power
With a sly grin, your body shrinks until you are nearly half your original size.
'Encounter Star.gif Polymorph'
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You become Small until the end of your turn. You gain a +1 power bonus to AC. Any equipment you carry also shrinks in size, preventing you from using a two-handed weapon. If you use a versatile weapon, you must wield it two-handed and don't deal any extra damage for doing so.
Sustain Minor: You can sustain this power until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. If you don’t sustain it, you revert to your normal form.

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