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Some wizard spells are conjured weapons. In general, conjured weapon spells create a melee or ranged weapon can can be used to make weapon attacks like any other weapon. They will have a proficiency bonus, [W] damage, weapon group and may have weapon properties.

Daily utility weapon conjuration spells[edit]

  • The spell has the Conjuration keyword.
  • You must be holding your implement in one hand: the conjured weapon might be one-handed or two-handed. The implement becomes the weapon, so you are no longer considered to be holding the implement.
  • When you are no longer holding your weapon, or you dismiss it as a free action, the spell ends. Your implement returns and can be used again normal.
  • The conjured weapon shares your implement's enhancement bonus, critical hit effect, properties and powers.
  • The conjured weapon cannot be enchanted.
  • You are always proficient with conjured weapons.
  • Attacks made with conjured weapons use the ability score normally associated with it: Strength for melee and heavy thrown; Dexterity for ranged or light thrown. Thrown conjured weapons always return to you after the attack as though they were magic weapons.
  • The conjured weapon is still considered to be your implement for the purpose of attacks made with it, and attacks you make with it have the Implement keyword. For example the attack can benefit from feats such as Wand Expertise, gaining a feat bonus to the attack and it would ignore cover.

Casting other spells[edit]

Whilst you are wielding a conjured weapon, you are no longer holding your implement. This does not prevent you from using other implement powers, but those powers do not benefit from your implement's enhancement bonus, critical hit effect and so on. There are two reasons for this. 1) It is the trade-off for having the equivalent of a magical two-handed weapon. 2) It discourages the player from conjuring a weapon straight after an extended rest and keeping it all day. These spells are supposed to be used in specific circumstances, such as if forced into melee or if the wizard's attack spells have been exhausted.


At heroic tier, the weapon is the equivalent of a martial weapon. At paragon, it is the equivalent of a superior weapon. Epic conjured weapons are also superior, often with additional effects.

At-will powers[edit]

There are several different ways an at-will conjured weapon may manifest.

  • It may be temporary, lasting only for the duration of the power. This is handled like a normal at-will implement attack.
  • It might be sustained, in which case the weapon is wielded in your free hand and you retain the use of your implement. The weapon is one-handed and is usually the equivalent of a simple weapon.

Conjured weapon powers[edit]

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