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Concentrated Strike (Weapon) [General, Fighter]

Use concentration to make your attack and damage for a specific weapon more lethal
Prerequisite: Power Attack, Weapon Focus(Specific weapon), Concentration skill rank 10+, Base Attack Bonus 10+
Benefit: Instead of attacking, roll a concentration check. If the roll is higher than (your character level + 10 + DMs descreshion of the situation), it is successful. If successful, You may add three-fouths (3/4) of your characters BAB, round down, to either your attack or damage roll for one specific weapon (Weapon Focus weapon). A character may stack Concentrated Strike checks and can only make a max number of skill checks equal to their characters max level.

The Concentrated Strike checks last until the end of the encounter or event.

If there is something that may interrupt or distract the character from concentrating, they will receive a -10 to their concentration checks for that turn or as long as the distraction is there. If they fail any check, the character loses all previous Concentrated Strikes built up, receive 0 bonuses to attack or damage they may have received, and must start their skill checks all over again.

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