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Cosmutos is a setting in which the planes shift on a regular basis (every new year's at midnight). Due to this constant change, many chaotic things have happened, such as devil lords invading Arcadia, Githyanki raiding parties sailing through the plane of fire and shadow dragons waltzing their heads into taverns, demanding drinks.

This has two main effects for the races of the material planes- one, it creates a much higher demand for adventurers than in most settings, leading to the creation of guilds just for that purpose- to provide adventurers. The next large effect comes from the material races learning to take advantage of the plane shifts- or rather, the high amounts of planar energy running amok as a result. Planar magic is used as a fuel source by many of the material planes machines, usually harvested from demon casualties.

The main superpowers of the material plane are locked in a colonization contest. Very little of the plane had actually been discovered, and when it has been all found, they'll no doubt move on the the planes. The kingdoms take near every opportunity they can to sabotage the others colonizing attempts, leading to another demand for adventurers- as colony guards.

Cosmutos is a world of heroic, high, and mythic fantasy, fueled by planar insanity and colonization drama.


Every year, mindnight on new year's eve, the planes start to shift. The shift can take up to a week to complete, more if the gods happen to be feeling lazy, or there was an oversight in preparations. (Usually some sort of temporal nonsense involving the Illithids) When the shift takes longer than usual, the branches of adventuring guilds in the planes get on the case. Companies harvesting planar energy are banned from mining during the shift, due to fear of deforming the planar structure. They hire the adventurers to get the shift back on track so they can get back in business as soon as possible- after all, planar energy levels are at their peaks right after the shift.

There are many different formations for the planes to settle into once the shift is complete. Sometimes, they are the great wheel. Other times, they all merge into one world. Sometimes, the river Styx vanishes to make room for a road connecting all the planes together. Sometimes, all the worlds separate into planar bubbles.


Cosmutos once had nine gods ruling over it- Reaper, Erathis, Pelor, Pollon, Kord, Avandra, Mars, Melora and Corellon. however, due to the overuse of their powers building up planar energy in the planes, the first ever plane shift occurred- it was a chaotic event, that unlike modern shifts, showed no signs of slowing down. The shifts tore holes in the fabric of the multiverse that the gods fell through, one by one, until only one was left. However, the eight 'fallen' gods fought from within their natural prisons, with help from the remaining god, Corellon, eventually managing to fuse with the planes, and bring them back together. However, planar energy was still loose and kept building up- the planes also would loose their magical effects if left without it. As a solution, the plane shift was created- to release built up planar energy and keep it flowing, the gods would move the planes into new positions every year.

Geography (WIP)[edit]

The material plane is made up of one main continent and several archipelagos surrounding it, 12 of which are known of. Only four of the 12 are mapped. There are likely many more.

Of the four mapped archipelagos there is-

Olympia (Calt territory) A mountainous set of islands, up in the north. It has a several small, disconnected colonies on it.

Avanwild (Eiss territory) A temperate set of islands, the closest archipelagos to the mainland. It has three moderately-sized farming colonies.

New Arcadia (Belde territory) A very large island in the southeast. It has one very lucrative trading colony as well as several smaller farming colonies.

Lune-Sol (Ary territory) A series of medium-sized islands in the moderately-far west. The only archipelago to have native inhabitants. Has several small to somewhat large trading colonies, most of them partnered with the natives, as well as a few moderately-sized farming colonies.

Political powers[edit]

The Four Kingdoms

Calt Ruled by the Theocracy of Gond. The Theocracy serves a demigod who is a subordinate of Corellon.

Ary Ruled by the Callisto Dynasty, known for their warmongering tendencies.

Belde Run by a bureaucracy called the Court of Belde. More reclusive than the other nations.

Eiss Ruled by the sylvan Merryday Dynasty, a dynasty of Fae-blooded humans.


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