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Combat Know How [General]

You are as smart as they get. You aren't very strong, but know just where to touch to shoot your enemies over the bridge. You have studied your centripetal forces, laws of perpetual motion, and have done all your vector homework. Biology was your favorite subject; you know every bone in the body and their weak spots, and how to break them with a touch. You also like biology class because of all the girly parts you see in your book. You like girls in books because they can't call you a loser. Due to all your studying it seems you know exactly what to do and when to do it; the problem is there's no one to do it with. You went to the ballet class thinking it would make you fast on your feet, and you were a natural at it; I guess running from the bully your whole life made you more agile then one would imagine... Every one makes one good choice once in a while; too bad you lost the little respect your peers had for you when they saw you leading your class in your tip toes! It did make you nimble, though. Well to make long story short, you studied alot of the human body, and so can dish out a but load of damage in a fight.
Prerequisite: Int 25, Dex 13, Smart Hero 3, 5 levels of two other int based classes, Educated, Knowledge (Behavioral Science), (Physical Science) 10 each, Perform (dance) 10, balance 10, BAB +7
Benefit: For all melee combat with light weapons, ranged weapon or in unarmed combat, use your Int modifier for attack roll instead of Dex or Str, as usual.

With a ranged wepon your range for crit is 15-20.

All meele attacks deal additional damage equal to half your Str and half your Int modifier. This replaces the usual strength bonus to melee attacks. (Kids pay attention in biology class!)

You feel a strange feel of nostalgia for the days you spent in you locker. In the presence of a strong or a tough hero with an attitude of indifferent or less, make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 their class level + half your Smart hero class level). If you fail, you take a -1 on all dice roles until you get in to friendlier term with them (their attitude towards you is friendly or greater). In the case of a critical fumble you desperatly attack them and take a -5 to your defense and -5 to all attacks.

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