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Author: ArochanoX

Combat Modification [Racial]

This feat needs a summary
Prerequisite: Mechanoid, first level only
Benefit: You were built to be able to make a few special movements in a few special situations. You seem to have some armadillo-like features.
Armadillo cloak

You can spin your body into tight ball. In this form, you gain a +5 bonus on natural armor, but you lose your dexterity bonus to AC. You can't do any actions while in this form. You can only spin (move) 10ft / round as a full round action. Spinning into a tight ball is a standard action that provokes no attacks of opportunity.

Bowling leap

If you spin into tight ball (as armadillo cloak above), while running, your body becomes a dreaded weapon. With a running start of at least 20ft, when you spin your body into tight ball, you immediately start spinning onward like a bowling ball. You move a straight line unless there are slopes (DM's judgement) for 60 feet or shorter if you would exeed your maximum movement. Everyone in that line must make a Reflex Saving Throw (DC: d20 + ½ your BAB + Str modifier) or take damage based on your mechanoid type. A successful save still does half damage. You end up rolled in a tight ball at the end of the line.

Mechanoid type Damage
Bronze 3d6 + 1½ x Str modifier
Iron 3d8 + 1½ x Str modifier
Mithral 2d8 + 1½ x Str modifier
Adamantine 4d8 + 1½ x Str modifier
Platinum 3d10 + 1½ x Str modifier

Feat related to the Mechanoid race.

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