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Bard College: College of the Wilds[edit]

Bards who are of the College of the Wilds can be easily recognized compared to other bards, since bards of this college carry no instrument on their person, for they are the instrument. From dancing to clapping to whistling, bards of this college do not sing, for there is no need to, as they are fully capable of expressing an idea or emotion without the use of words or a spoken language, but through the use of a physical language. From whistling a gentle tune to bring a sense of calmness, to a powerful, energy-filled dance to rally others before a fight, bards of this college truly live by the phrase "actions speak louder than words". With their bodies they communicate through emotion, a language that can be understood by all living things, which is where this college gained its name, through the ability of its bards to commune with nature and the creatures of the wilds, who answer these bards through kindness and loyalty.

Instrument of the Wilds

When you join the College of the Wilds at 3rd level, you learn both how to use every part of your body to make music and the skills needed to survive out in the wild. While you are not Restrained, you may use your body as a focus when casting spells. You also gain proficiency in the Nature, Survival, and Animal Handling skills. If you already have proficiency with any of these three skills, then you gain Expertise in that skill instead, but not if you already have Expertise in that skill.

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