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College of The Wandering Skies[edit]

This subclass is dedicated to Bards of The Wandering Skies, Bards who herald the contrasts of Day and Night. Known for their great late night performances and their ability to herald songs that change the very time of day itself.

Bard of the Day and Night[edit]

At 3rd level your need for sleep is dulled. In order to gain a long rest you must spend 4 hours sleeping rather than 8, at 14th level you lose the need for sleep altogether and can instead spend the 4 hours performing light activity. On Top of this pick 1 Day skill and 1 Night skill to apply to you during the appropriate times of day. You may pick 1 extra Day and Night skill at level 6 and again at level 14.

Day Skills

Praise the Sun: You have advantage on religion checks made in direct sunlight

Morning Person: During the daytime you gain a +2 bonus to Persuasion, Artist supplies and Performance checks

Rising Sun: You wake up EXACTLY at 6AM every morning. Regardless of restrictions or magic cast upon you. This does not apply if your long rest would exceed or rise before this time however.

A Spring in Your Step: When in direct sunlight you gain a +10 feet to your movement speed

Bright Eyed: During daytime you have a +2 to perception checks and a +2 to passive perception

Night Skills

Wandering star: During the night you cannot become lost, you are guided by a guiding star to which you know the location of via an innate sense.

Night of mystery: During night-time you have a +2 bonus to Disguise kit, Forgery kit and Deception checks

Silent Night: You have a +2 to stealth checks made at night.

A Night to Remember: You gain a +2 to perform checks made at night. Not only that but in cases where you'd be paid for performing you would receive double the gold you are usually paid.

Minstrel of Dawn and Dusk[edit]

You are a Minstrel of the Dawn and Dusk at 6th level you gain The 3 Ballads of the Dawn and The 3 Serenades of Dusk. You may spend an action to play said Ballad or Serenade. You must use an instrument with which you are proficient to play these songs. Ballads of Dawn may be only used during day and Serenades of Dusk may only be played during the night.

Ballads of Dawn

The Sun's Love: You expend a Bardic inspiration upon doing so everyone in a 60 ft radius of you must make a wisdom saving throw versus your spell save DC on a fail they are affected by an affect similar to the friends cantrip but the charm lasts for an hour and does not require concentration, upon the hour ending they do not become hostile. If they succeed the throw however, they gain an air of unease about you becoming distrustful of you however they do not know you attempted to charm them.

Sunsetter: Expend a Bardic inspiration, the day turns to night, time is not changed.

Sun's Wrath: Expend up to 3 Bardic inspiration. Upon expending them for each one used you may cast Scorching Ray; in the cases of multiple die the user may choose to use all on 1 target or use them on multiple targets. Casting two instances of the spell takes one spell slot, and casting three takes two spell slots.

Serenades of Dusk

The Night's Mysteries: Expend a Bardic inspiration upon doing this the target must make a Charisma saving throw or reveal any secret you request them to tell you. Upon doing this they will become frightened of you. Should they succeed the throw however they will become angered towards you and possibly hostile.

Moonsetter: Expend a Bardic Inspiration, turn night to day, time is not changed.

The Sandman's Serenade: Expend up to 3 Bardic inspiration. For each inspiration spent cast sleep at 2nd level. All the dice from the sleep spells stack together. Casting two instances of this spell takes up a level 2 spell slot, and casting three instances takes up two level 2 spell slots.


At 14th level you gain the ability to summon an eclipse once a week. When summoned everyone in a 20 ft wide cone in front of you must make a Charisma saving throw against your spell save DC to avoid being enthralled to stare into the eclipse and consequently blinded for one minute. Upon use the user must wait 7 days to use the ability again.

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