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College of the Toréador[edit]

A famous Spanish Painting of a Matador and Bull Pinterest

Not all Bards feel drawn to singing, storytelling or playing music with an instrument. There are those who have felt drawn to the art- or dare we say- the incredible performance and thrill of the dance with the Noble Bull! Many Bards have felt the urge to throw themselves into the arena where they stand one on one with the noble and honorable beast whose horns have drawn such death it is nigh impossible to not fear for your very life! Often known as Matadors, Toréadors or Toreros, these bold Bards learn the art of the dance with the bull using their skills of tumbling, jumping and the use of True Strike to finish off this noble, honorable dance of Death.

A common weapon used by Toréadors is the Banderilla.

Tercio de Varas

Upon entering the School of the Toréador at 3rd Level, there begins the three stages of training. Tercio de Varas is the first of the three. Known as the “Lancing Third” Tercio de Varas teaches the Bard to avoid danger while connecting with the Bull. Through various acts of tumbling, jumping and diving around the Noble Beast the Bard begins to perform the ritual “Dance of the Bull”. When using your Dodge action you add your Proficiency bonus. You may also substitute your Charisma modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier if your Charisma is a higher score.

Bonus Proficiencies

Also at 3rd Level, you gain three additional skill proficiencies of your choice. The Toréador must always be quick to adapt and learn for their safety during their performance.

Tercio de Banderillas

When you achieve 6th Level of the School of the Toréador, you begin to learn the second of the three stages of training. Known as the “Barbing Third”, the Toréador becomes a weapon of vicious accuracy and speed. When you hit a creature with less than half it's hit points you can take the maximum of your weapon's damage die instead or rolling.

Burlar del Toro

Also at 6th Level, the Toréador gains the Taunt ability as a bonus action. This action can be done with a simple word, the flip of the cape, the shake of the sword or simply dragging your foot across the dirt in a line right in front of you. The target must succeed on a Charisma DC check (Base 8 + the Toréador's Charisma Modifier and Proficiency Bonus) or be forced to engage the Toréador with the next combat turn. This is not a magical effect. The Toréador is a master of arrogance and beauty all in one action.

Tercio de Muerte

When you achieve 14th Level, you obtain the title Maestro/Maestra and learn the third stage, known as the “Third of Death.” After you cast a spell with your action on your turn, you can make a melee attack on your bonus action. As an added bonus, if the spell you cast gives an enhancement to a melee attack or a melee weapon, you may add your Charisma bonus to the attack damage. As an example- casting True Strike and then with your bonus action you attack with your rapier. The Toréador is a master of the art of the killing strike, focusing their magic to enhance their killing performance.

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