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College of the Stars[edit]

This College belongs to the Bard class.

The College of the Stars archetype allows the user to harness and use the power of the stars to aid his allies and damage his foes. You gather power from the sun at day and the various stars and constellations. Naturally, being a being who has celestial and solar power flowing through their veins, you naturally gain Darksight and proficency in Insight, Arcana, and History. You have an unimaginable amount of knowledge, your brain locking it away to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed. Using Star Power unlocks 1/1000th of the knowledge, allowing you to gain a taste of the power you can potentially unlock.


Due to the energy of the universe flowing in your veins, you don’t need to sleep, instead, you meditate. You get 3 from every long rest during the day, and if you do a short rest at night with clear skies, you gain all 3 in the said short rest.

Star Power

Every long rest during the day, you gather 3 Starpirations which replace Bardic Inspiration, also giving an enemy disadvantage on any Wisdom roll until it’s next turn. This also turns your spell save DC to Intelligence from Charisma, including the bonus Starpiration’s you gain from your modifier. You can take a short rest at night to gain 4 Starpiration, or 3 if it’s your max. Using a Starpirations make your veins and eyes glow a type of rainbowy type color, your aura soothing and calming those in terror. Any magician that attempts to read your mind while in this state will have to make a Intelligence saving throw or take 4d6 psychic damage due to the intense knowledge of the universe that is gained while in this form.

Spell Save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier

Spell Attack Modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier

Nuclear Fusion

At the 3rd level, you can use one use of Starpiration, allowing you to heal 2d4 to yourself or an ally or deal 1d4 radiant damage to an enemy as a bonus action. A purple-greenish type of beam flowing down to the targeted person and covering them entirely, giving them a cloak of energy that acts as nothing more then an addition to their aesthetic.

Nuclear Fission

At the 9th level, you are able to split any projectile you throw/shoot to deal an additional 1d6 radiant, necrotic, or psychic damage by spending one Starpiration. Your damage increases by 1d6 at the 12th level, 15th level, and 18th level. You put your knowledge to the test as you split anything you throw/shoot at an atomic level, a clean cut in the object. To any, this can be a cannonball or an arrow.

Eyes of the Multiverse

To others, your eyes glow with a mystical and ancient power that slightly unnerves any who look directly into your eyes for a few seconds to let the immense age and amount of energy settle in to their system. At the 10th level, you focus the power of the multiverse into your eyes, giving you True Sight as well as the ability to see weak points, allowing any damage you deal to a taginable opponent doubles. This power spends 1 Starpiration per hour of use, up to a max of 4.

Stardust Trail

Your attacks are now contagious, planting atoms and other astral material onto the victim which allows you to explode each stack of atoms on the opponent to deal major damage. At the 20th level, any damage you deal stacks up nuclear energy inside the opponent, allowing you to punch them to activate the stacks to deal Nd8 radiant damage, N being the number of stacks you have attached onto the opponent. This counts as a bonus action.

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