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College of The Barkeep[edit]

Bards of the college of The Barkeep are ecstatic extroverts who are at home in a bar, tavern, or inn. They can gain info from people in a pinch and their trust able outer shell allows for some cunning advantages on controlling others. Whether they throw those following them off their trail, or gain info on something they're looking for, they often find what they need and apply that well.


Beginning at 3rd level when you choose this subclass, you gain the ability to brew drinks that boost party members and yourself in and out of battle. When taking a long rest you can craft a number of drinks equal to your Charisma Modifier -1 (Min 1). This takes up your two hours downtime. You can hold 6 drinks at a time with no repercussions, however if you hold over that, anytime you fail a Dexterity save, roll a d6. The number you roll is how many drinks break. In order for any effects of the drink to take effect, the entire bottle must be consumed. Each drink is 8oz and can be drank using an action.

Full Stock

At level 3 you have the ability to craft 3 different drinks in any combination you wish. This number of concoctions increases to 4 at 5th level, 5 at 7th level, 6 at 14th level, 7 at 18th, and 8 at 20th level. A table below shows the leveling required to make the drink, what they do, and their name. Additionally you gain advantage in Constitution saves.

Force Feeder

Beginning at 6th level, while grappled with another creature, you can use your action to attempt to force that creature to drink one of your concoctions. It must succeed a strength save vs your strength check, or gain the effects of any drink you wish. The drink is consumed. The Grapple is then broken. Additionally you can now drink concoctions as a bonus action.

Enhanced Brew

Beginning at 14th level, whenever you craft a drink, you can expend a spell slot and add the effect of a correlating spell you know to the drink. Damage debt by your drinks in any way is counted as magical for the purposes of avoiding resistances or immunizes. Additionally, when a creature consumes your drink you can choose to withhold the effects up to 1 hour from consumption. Furthermore, you are immune to poison damage, the poisoned effect, as well as becoming drunk, or being knocked out by any means other than dropping to 0 HP.

Fast hands

At level 14 you can spend you entire turn (Bonus actions, action, and movement) to craft a drink. Additionally you can use a bonus action to throw a drink to a target. That target makes a Dexterity Check of 10 to catch it.

Brew List[edit]

The following are drinks added to your knowledge.

Player Level Drinks
3rd Scarlet Strike | A dark red liquid with quite the bitter kick, dealing 1d4 damage +Charisma Modifier upon drinking, however will immediately wake up any sleeping creature. The 1d4 increases to 2d4s at level 6, 3d4s at level 9, 4d4s at level 12, 5d4s at level 15, and 6d4s at level 18.
3rd Ginger Touch | A spicy bright yellow liquid. Upon consumption you heal 1d6 damage +Charisma Modifier, however makes the drinker have disadvantage on Wisdom Saves for 1 Min. The 1d6 increases to 2d6s at level 6, 3d6s at level 9, 4d6s at level 12, 5d6s at level 15, and 6d6s at level 18.
3rd Nectar Drop | A Green, Thin, and sweet liquid. Upon Consumption your speed increases| by 10 feet for a number minutes equal to your Charisma Modifier, however after this time is up you suffer a level of exhaustion.
5th Maple's Light | A thick hazelnut colored liquid. For the duration (Minutes equal to your Charisma Modifier) you give off bright light for 60 feet and dim light for another 60 feet, and targets within 5 feet have the blind effect, however targets 10-60 feet from you have advantage on attack rolls on you.
7th Rooted strength | White milky liquid. For the duration (Minutes equal to your Charisma Modifier) you are immune to being knocked prone, grappled, restrained, or shoved, however you auto fail Dexterity Saves.
14th Antidote | Oil like clear liquid. When consumed, expels lasting effects from drinks or effects yet to come. At level 20 it can clear status effects and a level of exhaustion as well.
18th Goldenrod Juice | dense Golden liquid. For the duration (Min equal to your Charisma Modifier) you gain resistance to fire, force, lightning, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from non magical equipment, however your weight is multiplied by 50x and you lose the ability to jump.
20th Flaming Fury | A Bright Pink salty liquid. For the duration (Min equal to your Charisma Modifier) you gain advantage on strength checks, and saves. Additionally you catch on fire, glowing pink with flames. Creatures that end their turn within 10 feet of you take 4d6 fire damage, and 8d6 at 5 feet. Creatures that make a melee attack against you take 12d6 fire damage. If a creature attempt a grapple on you, or you grapple a creature, it takes 20d6 fire damage each turn started grappled. Being completely submerged DOES NOT put out this fire. You are immune to the fire for the duration, however once the duration is up the fire does not leave and you will take 20d8 fire damage at the end of each of your turns until the antidote is consumed. Creatures Immune to fire damage take only half damage, and creatures with fire resistance take full. Gear equipped during this is destroyed, including metal weapons, unless enchanted. After the effect ends, roll a constitution save of 25. On a fail, all your stats drop to zero, as well as your AC to 1 for 1 Min.

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