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College of Vylius[edit]

Some bards, throughout their travels have taken more to their roguish nature and sought to become masters of Deception and Illusion. These bards take up the study of the Art of Vylius, and are called Beguilers.

Bonus Proficiencies

Upon enrollment in this College, the bard gains proficiency with disguise kits, forgery kits, and a game set of their choice.

Vylian Adept

At third level, a student of the College of Vylius has become adept at casting from shadows on unsuspecting victims. Spells requiring a verbal component no longer require one. (Treat as Silent Spell)

Also at third level, a beguiler may add their Bardic Inspiration die as damage on any attack they have advantage. If the victim is completely unaware of the beguiler's presence, flanked, or unconscious, this damage may be added. This stacks with Sneak Attack, should the beguiler have it from other sources.

Expert Vylian

At sixth level, the beguiler's deception is expert and they gain expertise in Deception, Insight, and Stealth. If not already proficient in these skills, gain proficiency; if they are already proficient, they apply twice their proficiency bonus to these checks instead. At this point, they may use the Feint action as a move action in combat, giving advantage on their next melee or spell attack. This attack must be made within one turn from the feint.

  • Old Combat Action - Feint - Player rolls Deception (with all applicable bonuses) against DM's Insight roll. DM may add victim's proficiency bonus to this roll. For those wishing to incorporate normally into combat without using the College of Vylius, Feint is normally a full action, instead of a move action.

Master of Vylius

At fourteenth level, a beguiler has mastered the art of Vylius. They now have such master of their magic that somatic components are no longer necessary (treat as Still Spell). In addition, they gain a new spell -- Perfect Illusory Self (5e Spell). Due to this spell being the culmination of a beguiler's training, they add half of their proficiency bonus to the spell's save DC when casting it on themselves (making the save DC when cast on self 8 + CHA mod + Proficiency bonus + 1/2 Proficiency bonus (rounded down)).

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