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College Of Tongues[edit]

Bard Subclass

Unmatched in wit and ruthlessness these Bards are experts at hitting where it hurts and insulting even the mightiest of foes.

Bards of the College of Tongues have no need for the arcane lore of nerds or the sword mastery of meatheads. Their words are a weapon as deadly as any. When these Bards think of something, they say it with no regard for other people. Always getting in trouble these Bards cut deep and know it.

Comedian's Intuition[edit]

To hurt people you first have to understand them. You gain proficiency in the Insight and Perception skills if you didn't already and you have advantage on Insight checks

Savage Words[edit]

Also at level 3 you use your understanding of people and your wit to distract, confuse and hurt others. When a creature you can see within 60 feet of you that can hear and understand you makes an attack roll , an ability check or a saving throw you can use your reaction to expend one of your bardic inspiration uses, rolling the die and subtracting it from the creature's roll.

Savage Mockery[edit]

When you join this college at level 3 you learn how to make your words strike deeper than most people's. You gain the vicious mockery cantrip if you didn't know it already and your damage for the cantrip becomes a d8 instead of a d4

Ruthless Mockery[edit]

At 6th level your words are even sharper. Your vicious mockery damage is now a d10 instead of a d8

Overflowing Wit[edit]

At 6th level you become used to insulting others that it has become almost second nature. Savage words no longer uses your reaction. You can do it a maximum of once per round.

Overflowing Wit (x2)[edit]

At 14th level you have mastered the art of insults and distractions. You can now use Savage words a maximum number of twice per round.

Hellish Mockery[edit]

At 14th level you have developed a hellish tongue capable of digging into enemies cores , your words are a weapon greater than any blade. Your vicious mockery damage is now a d12. You gain the Hellish Rebuke spell added to your spell list.

Golden Tongue[edit]

At 18th level the words you speak become almost divine, you transcend the boundaries of language and mortal speech, when you talk, people listen. You gain proficiency and or expertise in the Persuasion , Deception , Intimidation and Spoken Performance skills. In addition, it doesn't matter which language you speak, all creatures can understand you when you speak even if you don't understand their language.

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