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College of Teaching[edit]

Bards of the College of Teaching look to improve others through their knowledge, stories and art. Some of these bards hide their teaching in their pieces of art, either by songs with hidden lessons, stories with morals or poems with questions; others are more overt in their lessons, mastering one topic to pass forward to further generations, acting as researchers; and some take upon themselves the mission to guide one person or group, expecting to make them better versions of themselves.

More than just passing information, bards who follow the College of Teaching try to gather as much as they receive, because they understand that knowledge is built on the sharing of thoughts between a professor and his student.

The College of Teaching bards are usually not concerned about fame and glory for themselves, rejoicing on the success of their pupils and in the certainty that they did a good job with their apprentices.

Teaching Skills

At 3rd level, you gain proficiency in Wisdom (Insight) and Intelligence (Investigation), and advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) against creatures that share your alignment.

Educational Entertainment

At 3rd level, you can pass a moral lesson onto a misguided soul. As an action, you expend one bardic inspiration and chose one non-hostile creature that can hear and understand you. It must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spellcasting DC. On a failure, the creature will be charmed by you for a number of minutes equal to your Charisma modifier. The charmed creature becomes friendly to you, and has its Intelligence score increased by a number equal to your Intelligence modifier to a maximum of 20. If the target passes its saving throw, it does not know that you've tried to charm it.

Advanced Lessons

At 6th level, you become better at teaching your lessons. At the end of a long rest you may target a friendly creature other than yourself, and expend 2 spell slots of the same level. Chose a spell of that level you can cast with instantaneous as its duration. The target creature gains a bonus to its Intelligence score equal to half your Intelligence modifier, and gains the ability to cast the spell you designated, at the level of the slots you spent, once, using Intelligence as its spellcasting ability.

Inspirational Stories

At 14th level, your inspirational abilities become unmatched. You gain one extra bardic inspiration die. The first bardic inspiration die you use after your finish a long rest gains a bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier.

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