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College of Teaching[edit]

Bard Some bards tell stories of adventure, some sing songs to make others laugh however your calling is in reading knowledge and good behaviour to the masses. Teaching rudimentary skills and moral lessons via fun songs, silly characters and often the use of puppets.

Teaching Skills

At 3rd level, you gain proficiency in insight and investigation, and advantage on persuasion against creatures that share your alignment.

Educational Entertainment

Also at 3rd level, you can pass a moral lesson onto a misguided soul. As an action, you expend one bardic inspiration to make one non-hostile creature that can hear and understand you, it must make a wisdom save against your spell save DC or be charmed by you for a number of minutes equal to your Charisma modifier. The charmed creature becomes friendly to you, and has its intelligence increased by a number equal to your Intelligence modifier (not above 20). If the target passes its saving throw, it does not know you tried to charm it.

Advanced Lessons

At 6th level you become better at teaching your lessons. At the end of a long rest you may target a friendly creature other than yourself and expend 2 spell slots of a level of your choice and designate a spell of that level you can cast with a duration of instant. The target creature gains a bonus to its Intelligence score equal to half your intelligence modifier and gains the ability to cast the spell you designated at the level of the slots you spent once, using intelligence as its casting ability.

Inspirational Stories

At 14th level your inspirational abilities become unmatched. You gain one extra bardic inspiration die, and the first Bardic Inspiration die you use each day gains a bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier.

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