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College of Shanties[edit]

This is a bard subclass geared more towards those who wanna be a pirate bard, this works well with sirens as well. Got kicked out of another college for your songs being too lively or that's just what you tell people at least. This is the "college" for you. Instead of trying again somewhere else you became the musician on a ship for pirates or privateers. You know every shanty you can think of now and have become quite proficient as a pirate as well.

Bonus Proficiencies

You have sailed ships, snuck into some of the most fortified strongholds, lied your way of trouble too many times to count, and figured out some of the most difficult treasure maps. When you take this college at 3rd level you gain proficiency with vehicles (water), Stealth, Deception and Investigation.


Your beauty has protected you many times during battle for when people look upon you they wish not to hurt you. At 3rd level you can add your charisma modifier to your AC when you are not wearing armor.

Dance of the Sea

You have traveled all over the world and spent many days and nights watching the waves dance. You flow like water when you move, graceful and beautiful but can easily be just as deadly. At 6th level when you make an acrobatics check you may use performance instead.

Magic of the Storm

Tempest on the high seas are both horrifying and awe inspiring, especially the lightning with so much water on deck and so many people if the lightning strikes people will at least get electrocuted. At 14th level you learn Chain Lightning as a bard spell, but it doesn't count against your spell's known.

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