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College of Fortune[edit]

Bards in the College of Fortune know that if you trust Lady Luck she never lets you down. These performers travel from town to town, typically fleecing the locals in whatever casino or gambling institute the local laws allow. Amongst their companions, Bards of the college of fortune are known to walk in an almost palpable halo of good fortune. A good fortune, thankfully they are willing to share

Bonus Proficiencies

At 3rd level, you gain proficiency in three skills: Deception, Insight, Perception, or Sleight of Hand, and a gaming set. Your proficiency bonus is doubled with these skills and any checks involving a gaming set.

Push Your Luck

Starting at 3rd level, you instill a bit of your gambling confidence in your compatriots when you inspire them. When a creature you inspired rolls a Bardic Inspiration die, they can choose to roll an additional Bardic Inspiration die. If the second roll is lower than the first, The effects of both dies are negated and the creature loses its die. If the second roll is higher than the first, the sum of both rolls is now used for the Inspiration.

Luck of the Draw

Starting at 6th Level, you find mystical power in a deck of cards, capable of invoking its esoteric symbolism when it suits you. When you complete a long rest, draw three random cards by rolling a d12 and using the chart below

table designator
Woe Weal
1 (Strength Woe) 7 (Strength Weal)
2 (Dexterity Woe) 8 (Dexterity Weal)
3 (Constitution Woe) 9 (Constitution Weal)
4 (Intelligence Woe) 10 (Intelligence Weal)
5 (Wisdom Woe) 11 (Wisdom Weal)
6 (Charisma Woe) 12 (Charisma Weal)

You keep each card until you play it or your next long rest. When a creature you can see makes a saving throw, ability check, or attack roll and applies the ability score of a card you drew, you can expend your reaction and play a card that matches the applied ability score. If you play a weal, the creature gains advantage on the roll. If you play a woe, the creature gains disadvantage on the roll.

Pocket Ace

Starting at 14th level, you gain an additional use of Bardic Inspiration. When you complete a long rest, roll one of your Bardic Inspiration dice and record the result as your pocket ace. After a creature you inspired rolls a Bardic Inspiration die but before they choose to use your Push Your Luck feature, you can exchange the results of their Bardic Inspiration die and your pocket ace. You can expend your pocket ace at anytime to add its results to your own attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throws. If you use your pocket ace on yourself it is unavailable until your next long rest

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