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College of Death's Song[edit]


Is it really the end when the song of life has reached it's finale, or is it just a prelude for the next composition, produced note by note in the moment of the deceased's last breath, their Death Song as you will, only heard by those who know what to listen for. These bards travel the world/s searching and listening for the final notes left behind in order to create their masterpieces, the true music of the soul. Due to the power of the music passed on by their mentors and created by them.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the College of Death's Song, you gain the following proficiencies. - Arcana - Religion


Starting at level 3 all your bard spells can affect the undead as well as the living.

Death's Songbook

Pieces created from the notes of death and passed down from your mentor, these songs hold the power of death. You can treat necrotic spells (arcane + divine) as though they were bard spells, these are recorded in the songbook and use up the same spell slots they would if cast normally. Choose up to your charisma modifier worth of spells, whether you can cast them yet or not. These are permenate. At 5th level you gain another spell you can choose, same at 10th, 15th and 20th.

Tinted Soul

Starting at 6th lvl, because of your exposure to this type of magical energies, you have come accustomed to it and developed a bit of a resistance to it. You have a resistance to necrotic damage.

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