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College of Apamaanit[edit]

Bards of the Apamaanit are able to weave chaotic energy into the spoken word, able to hurt and control their foes while insulting them. They are known for lying and being unpredictable thus they act like a helpful Member of society. Rather than conventional Music, these bards perform by humiliating themselves and thus who try to oppose them and motivates his comrades through confusion.

Chaotic Mockery

When you join the College of Gadbadi at 3rd level, you’ll learn the vicious mockery cantrip, you don’t if you already know it. Additionally, you can roll a performance die and up to 5 (rounded up half of your Charisma-Modifier) creatures but you who can hear the sound of your voice (60ft) need to make a Wisdom-Saving throw. If it fails it gets hurt by your Insult and gets a -1d4 as well as disadvantage on his next roll.


Starting at 3rd level you are able to expend one use of your bardic inspiration and damage one creature(1d4), you’re able to heal one ally for the same amount of hitpoints. +1d6 lvl4; +1d8 lvl8; +1d12 lvl10-->


When you reach 6th level, your insults getting as hot as magma. When you cast vicious mockery, instead of using the spell as Usual you can summon One magic orb that hovers Around your head If you cast the spell multiple times you can summon up to 5 (rounded up half of your Charisma-Modifier) bubbles. In order to use the bubbles you have to use one of following: Bonus Action, Reaction, Interaction or cast it instantly (right after using vicious mockery to summon the bubble). The damage die increases to a d8 and the range decreases to 15 feet.

Chaotic Law

At 14th level you’re able to support one creature of your choice you’re able to increase or decrease a spell or attacks effectiveness as well as add or remove effects or increasing them you can use this feature 1 time a day before doing a long rest and adding 2 of the named Aspects.

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