Collapsing Ceiling Traps (4e Trap)

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An area in which the ceiling collapses when a trigger square is stepped on. The area may contain more than one trigger square. They could be artificial, designed as a trap using preassure pads or tripwires, or natural, where vibrations in certain places dislodge an unstable ceiling.

Bricks from Ceiling
Level 2 Trap
125 XP
Detect: Perception DC 15 Initiative: -
Immune attacks
Triggered Actions
Close.png Attack ♦ Encounter
Attack: +8 vs. Reflex
Trigger: A creature enters or starts it's turn in a trigger square.
Hit: 2d6 damage
Effect: The area become the difficult terrain rubble (It costs one extra square of movement to enter a square of difficult terrain.)
Disable: Thievery DC 20

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