Coiling Strike (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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A powerful strike that takes a little time to prepare

Coiling Strike

Your body twists into impossible contortions, looking like a strange snake. However, once your opponent approaches, you lash out, ripping your arm through his body.

Level: Tempered 3

Type: Action (Attack)

Prerequisite: 3 Tempered Maneuvers, Int 15

Description: Coiling your body, twisting around as much as naturally possible, then even more with the help of Ch'i, you unleash an extremely powerful attack, your arm twirling to rip apart flesh. The attack is always a critical hit, due to it affecting a very large area. It also adds 1d6+4+int modifier to your base attack, then 3d8+4+int modifier at fifteen, and another 2d8 every five levels until level thirty. However, this technique has a large disadvantage, as it takes a single round to ready. At the beginning of your next turn after initiating the attack, it may be unleashed, and you may move twenty feet in any direction to strike.

Special: An attack by an opponent does not automatically disrupt the attack. A successful Concentration check vs. the enemies attack roll allows you to continue attack. You get a natural +4 focus bonus to your check.

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