Coiled Serpent (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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This stance allows you to focus all of your focus on a single opponent, allowing for more effective strikes.

Coiled Serpent

A coiled serpent always strikes precise, even in times of great peril. No matter what covers you wear, it will find its way to your skin.

Level: Tempered 3
Type: Stance
Prerequisites: Combat Expertise.
Description: When in this stance, you may choose to concentrate upon a single enemy, concentrating upon his body to read which parts of it are strained and which are loose. You then strike at these slackened parts for optimal damage. You take a -4 penalty on Armor Class against attacks from other opponents, but you do +1d6 bonus damage when you strike your intended enemy. This extra damage increases by a cumulative +1d6 for every 3 initiator levels over 9th (to a maximum of +4d6 at 18th).
Special: If you move at more than once your base land speed at any time, the stance is automatically dropped.

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