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Fashion is everything to Barbarians, they cover themselves in bright colours, be it armour or their dyed hair. They hang pieces of cotton and silk from their shoulders, chains of gold and silver from their boots. Their shields are always artfully designed with their house symbol or perhaps their name. Most attatch banners and small flags to their backs that show what beasts they have defeated and what they are most skilled in.

Barbarians love to be noticed, in fact the first unwriten rule of Barbarians is to be remembered in saga and song after their death. Before going on a adventure a Barbarian must make a Boast, proclaiming to an offical (king, priest, judge) what he or she is about to do. This insures their rememberance if they do not return.

Each colour has a meaning to a Barbarian, one covered in light blue may be in mourning, another in red and green may be known as charitable.

Barbarians pride themselves on being the most honest people around, even if that honestly is harsh as knives.


Sorcerers are by and large social animals, as all sorcerers (and indeed many magic users) are the seventh child of their family and thus have rarely spent a day without some relative. Even when they are old enough to leave home they feel drawn to groups and often treat their friends as brothers and sisters. The seventh child of most families are treated as at least slightly magical and often become some form of magician by virtue of being shown and given whatever magic is around. In a sense, if the seventh child isn't born magical, they'll end up having it thrust upon them.


The Warlock Dark Pact was creation eons ago, back when the Hiisi and Ahrneks were fighting to control the material plane. Dark Pacts were made between powerful mortals and Death Hiisi, who granted these mortals some of their death-dealing powers to help strike down the followers of the Ahrneks. These pacts between mortals and Death Hiisi remain to this day, for the Death Hiisi learned in that war the value of having dedicated mortal servants.

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