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Grey Sky[edit]

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Classes of Grey Sky[edit]

Notes: Grey Sky was meant to be used with Tome material.


When corporation began to appear they had problems, with savages, bandits or even other corporations. And agent solved them. Soon their value were recognized, governments and corporations alike use them regularly to solve dirty problems. More often than not, agents are governments or corporation sanctioned, however a great deal of agents find very advantageous deal with organized crime. They get the job done no matter how dirty it is.


Even today in the industrial age, primitive culture still exist. Many of these cultures however do not produce barbarian anymore, most of these are in fact somewhat advanced. Few barbarian exist anymore, most of the barbarians are social outcast or even lunatic who escaped the asylum.


Commanders are feared and respected, with their physical prowess and powerful personality. They usually attract respect, most commanders are leaders of military factions, such as bandits, militia or they may even be sheriff. No matter their position or political allegiance, commanders are leaders and warriors. In other words, commanders can cause or solve a lot of problems.


The deviants are strange being, often feared by the common folks. Some say they do not draw power from God, but rather from the cosmos itself. One thing is know, they are secretive. None are able to pierce their secrets but the deviants themselves. Deviants can be anything from the sages running the library to the gypsy fortune teller.

Divine soul[edit]

Some say angels and demons once lived on earth, some say that some even bred with humans. While the church generally consider these theories heretical, there may be a hint of truth. Some human beings do have divine heritage flowing in their veins. These beings have the ability to lead and beguile, to perform miracles. However many hide their heritage, in fear of being killed by overzealous inquisitors or witchhunters.


Dragon are creature of legend, almighty creature ruling the sky and the land. These majestic being left a gift to those they favoured, at least it what the legend say. Dragons are rare creature, who hide themselves in the unconquered wild. Dragonblooded are said to be the descendant of the favoured ones. Many however must follow the example of their forefather, for humanity have little tolerance for them.


Fighters are everything from the thugs to the loyal soldiers. They are common everywhere.






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