Clap of Thunder (4e Power)

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Clap of Thunder Avenger Attack 12
You pre-empt your enemy's movement and send them flying with a blow that sounds like thunder.
At-Will Star.gif Divine, Weapon, Ascended Form
Standard Action Melee
Requirement: Shifter, must worship Kord, you must be wielding a heavy blade or axe.
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom Vs. AC
Hit: [1]W + 1d6 + Wis Mod thunder damage and push target 1 square. (increase to 2[W] at level 21)
Miss: 1d6 thunder damage and you do not push the target
Effect: Attacks against the target with the lightning keyword have combat advantage (save ends).
Special: Increase the number of squares you push the target by 1 for each of the levels; 14, 16, 18, 20. At level 16 push causes target to fall prone at end. You may use this power as an opportunity attack.

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