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Web Walker[edit]

People typically view Druids of the Circle of the Web Walkers with suspicion, as many fear arachnids. These druids typically are shunned by the common people, and can only find comfort with their own Circle and spiders. Sometimes, all of these druids may come together into swarms of spiders and invade numerous forests and towns. They enjoy the fear that they cause in the people, and will scuttle anywhere to sate this desire. The longer you stay in this circle, the more spiderlike you become. One day, you will be them. One day.

Silk Specialization

At 2nd level, the feeling of being an arachnid overcomes your desire to become anything else. You lose the ability to wild shape into anything except Spiders. You gain the ability to wild shape as a bonus action. Additionally, you can use your Wild Shape to transform into a Spider with a CR as high as 2, however you must abide by the other limitations of Wild Shape.

Adapted Body

Starting at 6th level your body has begun to keep certain attributes from wild shaping. You gain climbing speed equal to your walking speed, this is described as you walking normally on vertical or upside-down surfaces. Your eyes fade to a black, green, or red, color, and you gain darkvision. Additionally, you can move through webbed terrain as normal.

Spiderlike Senses

At 10th level, You gain a blindsight of 10 feet, and cannot be surprised. Additionally, you gain the ability to use any ability you could use as a bonus action, as a reaction. When Wild shaping you gain Temporary Hit Points equal to the health you had before wild shaping. These go away after the first hit you take.

Unfathomable Change

Beginning at level 14, You gain an additional pair of arms. These arms can be more humanoid or arachnoid, this choice is made below and altar their feature.

Spider Legs

You sprout terrifying arachnoid appendages out from your back, around four feet long. Your speed in walking and climbing is increased by 15. You are no longer subject to non-magical difficult terrain. You are considered an abomination if seen with these legs. Acrobatics checks and Dexterity saves are made with advantage. In addition, you gain a bite attack. 1d8 Constitution save or take 2d4 poison damage. All of these effects persist in wild shape form as well.

Human Arms

You grow two extra arms much like your normal ones below the original set. All Strength and Athletics Checks are made as if you were one size larger. After landing a successful unarmed strike, you can make an additional one with a different arm. This can be repeated until you miss or you run out of arms. You are not proficient with all of your arms. In addition, you can add your Constitution mod to your AC. All of these effects are applied in wild shape form as well.

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