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Circle of the Noble Beast[edit]

Druids that come from royal bloodline tend to follow the teachings within the Circle of the Noble Beast. These druids focus on the longevity of their wild shapes, preferring to retain their forms for extended periods of time. They are also keen on manifesting their nature based spells into their battle forms. You may choose this subclass at 1st level.

Noble Shapes[edit]

When you choose this circle at 1st level, you gain two free wild shape per day and can retain the animal form for a number of hours equal to your wisdom modifier + proficiency+ your druid level (rounded up). In order to transform additional times after the second, you must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On a fail, you cannot attempt to do so again until your next short or long rest and each successive wild shape per day increases the DC by 5.

Privileged Forms[edit]

The rites of your circle grant you the ability to transform into more dangerous beast forms. Starting at 1st level, you can use your Wild Shape to transform into a beast with a challenge rating as high as 1 (you ignore the Max. CR column of the Beast Shapes table). And due to your royal upbringing, you do not abide by the flight and swimming restrictions of most druids.

Starting at 4th level, you can transform into a beast with a challenge rating as high as your druid level

Sovereign of Nature[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you can harness nature within your wild shaped form. While transformed, your natural weapons count as magical for the purpose of surpassing resistances. You can expend a spell slot to deal 1d6 fire, cold, or lightning damage per level of the spell slot when attacking an enemy with a natural weapon while transformed.

Bestial Servitude[edit]

At 10th level, animals bend to your will and recognize your royal and imposing visage. You can use your action to force an animal with an equal or lower( more than 2 lower is an instant fail) CR to make a wisdom saving throw. If the creature fails, it falls under a permanent dominate beast spell. They do not gain advantage on the save during battle and cannot make saves if they take damage. You may only have one beast dominated at a time.

Permanency Ordinance[edit]

At 14th level you have mastered your noble wild shaping. You can stay wild shaped for an unlimited amount of time and the DC for additional shapes decreases to 10. However, you still need to eat, drink, and sleep in your animal's form. You must abide by that creature's food preference (ex. carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore).

When you become an archdruid at 20th level, you do not gain unlimited shaping but your DC for additional shapes decreases to 5.

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