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Circle of Rot[edit]

"Walking Druid" by Thiago Almeida

Druid Subclass

Druids of this circle see themselves as servants of the natural cycle of decomposition and growth. They use borderline necromancy to perform their tasks, and as such are often shunned by Druid society.

Refreshing Rot

At 2nd level the druid gains the ability to channel the energy created at a living creature's death to heal themselves or allies. This means that when a druid of this circle deals lethal damage to a creature with a Druid spell, they channel hit-points equal to twice that spells level (Cantrips count as 1st level). This is applied as temporary hit-points to either their own hit point total, or the hit-point total of an ally within 60 ft. As the druid levels up the amount of energy channelled is increased. +3 H.P. at level 6, +5 at level 10, +7 at level 14, and +10 at level 18.

Fungal Growth

At 2nd level the druid gains the ability to speed the growth of all manner of fungi, and can infect an enemy with a draining fungus. By using a bonus action at touch range the druid can implant the spores on the skin of their opponent. The fungus sprouts immedietly. It deals 5 hit point of damage per round for 5 rounds. At 6th level it becomes 7, at 10 it becomes 9, at 14 it becomes 12, and at 18 it becomes 15. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum once).

Rot and Growth

At level 6 the druid gains the ability to channel the energies of life and death to create a servant. They may choose either Rot, or Growth. If rot is chosen they gain the ability to use vines, and beetles to animate up to three corpses per use with 1/4 full health that it would have had in life. The effect is similar to the spell Animate Dead, and as such the 'zombie' will follow only basic orders however the 'zombie' will break apart after it preforms three attacks. If Growth is chosen they gain the ability to grow a fungal being similar to a myconid, up to five per use. They are more adept at following commands, but will break apart after three damage is dealt to them. This ability can not be used again until the previous servant has been destroyed. You can only use this feature once per long rest. You can use this ability twice per long rest starting at 14th level.

Become one with Decay

At level 10 the druid's very body becomes aligned with the processes of decay. The druid becomes resistant to necrotic damage. Dealing fatal melee damage to living opponents triggers Refreshing Rot as though it were a cantrip. As an additional bonus, you may add your wisdom modifier to hit points gained through refreshing rot.

Aura of Spores

At 14th level the Druid begins to exude a miasma of spores, the effect of which is dependant on their choice of Rot or Growth. If rot was chosen the spores amplify Necrotic damage within their range (20 foot radius from the Druid). If an enemy is dealt necrotic damage 5 hit points of damage are added to the damage total. if Growth was chosen then the spores are hallucinagenic, and cause enemies within range to see vivid hallucinations. Any enemy that starts or ends its turn within this aura must make a WIS save against your spell save. On a fail they fall to the ground in terror, prone until they are hit by an attack. Fungal Growth does not trigger this. On a successful save the enemy is unaffected and cannot be affected for one round.

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