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Druid Circle: Circle of Mutation[edit]

Those few druids who are members of this collection of sub-circles are far different than the others. They are 3 groups, devoted to a plane each: those who seek to bring the magics and creatures of the Feywild to the other planes; those who wish for the elements of the Inner Planes to spread; and those few yet best known who wish for the fiendish monsters of the Shadowfell and Lower planes to roam the planes. Powerful druids of this circle change the creatures of the Material Plane as they see fit, converting hounds and birds into fey, elementals or fiends. They often keep these creatures as pets, or minions in battle.

Acolyte of the Planes

Starting at 2nd level when you choose this circle, you devote yourself to one of the planes other than Material Planes. Choose one of the following planes: Elemental Planes, FeyWild, Nine Hells. The chosen plane is used by other features you gain later.

Additionally, you gain one of the following features, depending on your chosen plane:

  • Elemental Planes. When you score a critical hit with a weapon attack, you deal an additional 1d6 damage of one of the following damage type of your choice: bludgeoning, cold, fire, slashing. Also, your body develops the trait that resembles elementals from the Elemental Chaos. Some possible alterations include, but not limited to: Thick brown or grey calluses across your skin; shimmering, wavy blue or white strands of hair; or a faint orange glow coming from your veins.
  • Feywild. Your speed increases by 10 feet. Also, your body develops the trait that resembles fey creatures that dwells in the Feywild. Some possible body alterations include, but not limited to: Green hair, possibly changing with the seasons; body blemishes looking and smelling like flower petals; blue, velvety skin; and the ears or eyes of domesticated animals.
  • Nine Hells. You gain resistance to poison damage. Also, your body develops the trait that resembles fiends of the Nine Hells. Some possible alterations include, but not limited to: Monochromatic black, red or green eyes; scales on your skin; longer, talon-like nails; or a faint mist hovering around you.
Magical Modifications
Beginning at 6th level, you gain the power all druids of this circle strive for- the power to change beasts as you see fit. You can use the templates described later on beasts of a challenge rating 1/4 your druid level. You may only have one of these minions aid you in combat, but can have an amount of mutated creatures equal to your wisdom modifier +your druid level. If a type of movement would show + or -, add or subtract that amount from their current speed in that type. Ability scores cannot go below 3, or exceed 20, unless a stat already does so. You can only apply one template (or "mutation") per day. This minion has it own turn, but you may forgo one of your attacks on your turn to let it have an attack.
Feral Commander
Beginning at 10th level, your control over beasts has increased. You may have an amount of mutant minions equal to 1/5 your druid level. Additionally, the bonus you get from Acolyte of the Planes is now applied to the beasts you command. You and your beasts get an additional bonus, which are described here, based on the plane you chose.
  • The Feywild- You and your beasts gain a flying speed equal to their highest speed. If they already have a flying speed, give them +20 flying speed.
  • The Shadowfell- You and your beasts deal a bonus 1d6 necrotic damage to creatures other than Undead, Fiends, and Constructs.
  • The Elemental Planes- You and your beasts get critical hits on rolls of 19-20.

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