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Chromaris: A long spear designed to be used in a single hand. The head is forged of an unknown metal and engraved with exceptionally fine dragons that cover the surface. Down the shaft of the weapon runes are inlaid with gold.


Chromaris is the long spear possessed by the dragon lord Harat-Drogos, an entity that traveled to the world of Graatel during a terrible conflict that raged across the Universe. The exact history of the blade is unknown other than it being reputted to control elemental forces and able to inflict grevious wounds on all creatures that it struck.

Chromaris was created long ago in the heat of a dying star, made by the kelm - a race of dwarf-like fire spirits, out of void-metal. In the process of crafting the dragon lord weapons and armor the void-metals effects were tempered to only affect creatures other than the wearer, thus avoiding many of the most harsh drawbacks associated with the material. The kelm were the only known individuals who could work void-metal in this fashion and are believed to have died out when the star burned out.

Chromaris is believed to lie with the god Megrados body somewhere within the Star Ocean a body of water where no creatures live. The mysterious whirlpools that spawn in the Star Ocean make this equipment borderline impossible to retrieve, though many have tried and failed.

As a long spear Chromaris is capable of being used two-handed but its exquisite properties allow the user to use it one handed if desired. The spear itself is extremely powerful and is able to inflict mortal wounds even on gods, causing the existence of this item to be worrisome to the pantheons of Graatel.

If the spear was ever recovered the ability to destroy it might be beyond mortal means. Forged in the heart of a star, the blade itself is almost impervious to heat; the only option on the world of Graatel that might be able to destroy the Chromaris would be the acidic venom of the Chult, a gigantic primal serpent found deep in the dark regions of the world. Attempting to get the venom would be dangerous in the extreme, as the snake uses it to tunnel through solid rock, and the quantity needed to disolve the spear is unknown.

If a character should find the Chromaris the first thing that occurs is an Ego check. The Ego score of Chromaris is 54, and failure to overcome this test results in a lack of will to force the spear into accepting the character as a user. If the character fails by 10 or more the spear subsumes their personality and enforces its own to cause widespread death and destruction until the weilder is slain.

Chromaris is a +12 Longspear that deals 5d12 damage on a successful hit, threatens a critical on a natural roll of 11-20 and has a x6 multiplier. Chromaris may be used one or two handed and has a 10' reach capable of attacking both adjecent and distant foes. It possesses the following qualities: acidic blast, acidic burst, anarchic power, brilliant energy, dread (All), fiery blast, flaming burst, icy blast, lightning blast, shocking burst, sonic blast, speed, thundering. Further the Brilliant Energy acts as a field around the blade and does not transform the blade, leaving it with the ability to affect constructs, undead and all other creature types. (This entire weapon is ridiculous and completely impossible by DnD rules. Using it would ruin a session, and probably a game. Not advised to utilize in any game, and the creator should be ashamed.)
Extreme all schools; CL 30; Weight: 15lbs

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